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Thursday, February 25, 2010

cursing at 6?

Recently I took my son to Build a Bear. We'd never gone before and I felt it to be a great Valentines gift trip. And I was right! He loved it!

He picked out a fuzzy dog, donned him in a OKC Thunder uniform, and fell in love with 'Skruffy'. He took Skruffy everywhere for the next few days ... even shoving him in his backpack to sneak into school. However Skruffy messed up and now is homebound.

All I know is that we were out our door a couple days ago - dog in hand. I handed my little guy his chewy sour vitamins and turned to put my shoes on. The thing I know I'm hearing cursing coming from my entryway.

"Stop shidding on my vitamins!" my little guy yells.

"What? What did you say?" I tried to not laugh or start putting on my discipline face. (because I didn't know which one to do)

"Stop shidding on my vitamins!" (rolls his eyes at me) "C'mon Mom ... you know Skruffy sheds!"

I couldn't hold my laughter in - "Ohhhh - shEding. OK - well I wouldn't eat them after that either."

I gave him new vitamins and we were out the door.

I'm still laughing at my son's dog shidding on his vitamins. My little guy cracks me up.

Hope you're having a great day!!!