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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who knew?

Lately my son has been experiencing a little separation anxiety from me. I think my husband's stint in the ER left him feeling a little unsettled. If it's a bad day when I'm dropping him off before heading for work, I have to leave him crying...which I hate. If he's having a decent day than I can get by with leaving him-only if I leave him with my business card!

My new photog business card has this picture shown here, on the front of it.

A couple of weeks ago, during VBS he kept a copy for him in his pocket to look while he was without me, and took extras to give away. He gave one to every mommy, teacher, and person otherwise and to let them know that 'his' mommy is a 'fratography', which obviously is supposed to be photographer. Sweet kid! He's the best marketing tool I've got!

Today when daddy and he went to the movies together for over due male bonding time, he wanted me to join them. My husband is so wonderful on so many levels...not only because he takes his son to fun destinations, but because he recognizes when his wife needs a break. My husband convinced him that it was just supposed to be the two of them, and so of course my son got in the car and immediately started looking for his very worn loved business card. He's kept the same one for 2 weeks and it looks like its molded to the curve of his hand.

Who knew a business card would be the tie that keeps me close to his heart when I'm away?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Who's not smarter than a 5th grader?

To those that would get offended by anything biased toward or against either candidate. I'm not bashing anyone here, and most of you who read me know I NEVER post anything political b/c I think most bloggers cover that topic much better than I would. And I don't like going there, but this is just too funny not to post.

***All party ties aside...
this is just silly that someone who wants to run our country doesn't know the simple number of our United States...

This remix is funny too:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Doo

So I got a new doo. I usually don't tell my husband when I get my hair cut so I'll get an honest opinion when he walks through the door. Thankfully for me I've had an awesome stylist, Rachel, for 3 years now. I'd drive to Texas if I needed to in order to keep her. Rachel is the only person in 10 years that's been able to syle my hair well enough that I didn't feel like my hair was ever at that 'in between' length as I grew it out. This is the first time I've had long hair since I've known my husband. You can see the pic in the post below, with Rick Springfield, to see how short my hairs been in the last decade.

When he walked in the door today, his eyes lit up.
"You got your hair cut!"
"It looks...like a 60's or 70's cut."
"So you're saying?" (What does that mean?)
"It's cute. It look like ... uhhhh..."
"Choose carefully!" I warned.

I could see the wheels turning in hopes of coming up with a name. All I could think of was if he said Cher, I was going to hit him. He left to the garage to get the rest of his work stuff and threw back at me, "Jennifer Aniston!"

Yeah right! Jennifer Aniston with the Rachel hair cut, I'm not. But I did have the Monica right out of college.

I know her friend's hair is about 10 years old, but I still dig the Rachel. I bet if I grew my bangs out and didn't use my flat iron...I'd have a little Rachel going on.

And to give you guys some news on my hubbie, from those that have been checking in with me after his ER scare this weekend....He's all better thank the Lord. It took a few days to get back to normal, but now he's the same smart ass I know and love, which is a good sign.

I'm still on the dress hunt for the upcoming wedding in less than a month. My son and I went to Target yesterday just to see if they had any bargain specials. He's such a little shopper. He picked out about 8 things he thought would look pretty on me, and the funny thing is...they were all something I'd pick for me. My husband is the same way. He always can pick something out that he'd like for me...and it's usually right on the money. Man am I a blessed girl or what? I've got two attentive guys in my house who want me to pick out nice things for me! WoW...now if only I had money!

Actually the top I have on in that pic up above,...no not Rachels...the white one on me, is one my son picked out at Target yesterday. It's my new favorite shirt!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rick didn't have the Human Touch

This was taken in 2000 at Rick's Karma Tour. Last night's concert was okay. Besides the fact that I didn't get to see it all due to unforeseen circumstances, what I did see was a little off and not typical Rick.

He yelled a lot in to the microphone, causing us all to hold our ears and taunted at those who finally pulled out ear plugs. When he did sing, he barely did it in the micro-phone...it was as if he was singing in his room singing to himself and remembering....oh yeah...a mike....I should use it!

He did a lot of bantering to the crowd trying to keep it real, but it didn't really hit home for most of us. Some of it was cute, like when he pulled kids up to sing some lyrics, but the rest of it was giving most of the adults a case of the rolled eye syndrome.

I know after 30 years of singing his greatest hits from the 80's he must get really bored of the same old song, so I gotta give Rick credit but still say....
When fans come to hear him sing, WE WANT to hear OUR FAVORITE 80's songs---not a funked up off beat version of them. They were almost singable, but he kept throwing us all off with his new version of our familiar favorites. It just wasn't fun.

Poor Rick, I think he just had an off night. I hope that doesn't become a trend! For anyone that's interested .... here's a link for a Rick Springfield cruise in November.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tough Choices

So my son cried yesterday and today when I dropped him to VBS. I usually volunteer on Sunday's and Wednesday's for all the kid functions/activities, and stay with him. He doesn't understand why mommy can't be with him this week. All the other mommies stay and teach, why can't I? I know that he's still only 5 and will cry from time to time, but I'm not used to it as he's usually pretty laid back.

Between that and having to spank him yesterday (in the doctor's waiting room--in front of 6 people), I feel like a bad mom. I tried saying no to him for his bad behavior, then I tried a time-out in the doctor's chair, and when it didn't work...I took him to the bathroom and lightly smacked his little bottom. To which he replied, OW don't hit me, loudly enough for all to hear in the waiting room. He did that on purpose for the benefit of the older ladies waiting in the office...yeah, that was fun. That's the first time I've had to deal with that.

I know it's not politically correct to spank, but I also think most people feel that spanking means beating. Let me clarify, I don't beat my child ever!

I spank him when no other forms of discipline work. And when I do it's never in anger to hurt. It's only enough to sting slightly, to get his attention. I don't usually have to resort to it, as time-out's do the trick, but when I have to... a quick tap on the bottom works and the behavior stops.

Still though, having to deal with that in front of others was not the ideal situation. All these thoughts go through your head.

They're judging what kind of mother I am.
They're thinking--If I were here I'd....(fill in the blank)
I can't believe she spanked him.

In reality...who knows if they were thinking anything at all, but when faced with that in public anyone normal will think those things. The thing is when it happens in a grocery store, I know to just pick him up and walk out to go home. The punishment is that his favorite treat is staying in the cart, that I've left in the aisle. That's a horrible idea to a young child. Heaven forbid you leave the Rice Krispy Treats behind! So I involve him in shopping, and we don't have behavior issues.

For the most part, he's so good that we never have behavior issues. My kid is a dream in that department, but lately he's been getting more aggressive and hyperactive. I keep wondering where it's coming from, but I've been told it's just a little boy thing and not to worry.

So let me ask you...if you were faced with that at the doctors office, where you can't just pick him up and leave...we needed to stay to be seen for a reason...what would you do?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calling for a Vote

So it just dawned on me over the weekend that I need to buy a dress for my brother in law's upcoming wedding. It's going to be on the beach, in Maui, and I have NOTHING to wear. Isn't every husband or boyfriend in America rolling their eyes right now?? :)

Seriously, I haven't worn a dress in 3 years. Since my son was born and started running everywhere he went, it's just easier to wear jeans or capri's. I've not even donned a pair of shorts, except for in the pool.

After my son was born, I lost a looot of weight due to breastfeeding and how that effects a woman's metabolism. I didn't pack it on after I popped him off his feeding either. I went from a size 4 to a 6-8. Not bad, BUT being an 8 didn't allow me to fit into any of my shorts or previous skirts/dresses. This is another reason I just stopped wearing them. I didn't want to invest in buying a whole new wardrobe because of 2 dress sizes.

Now that I'm back down to a 4-6, I want to wear something feminine and nice. Only all the stuff I had before still doesn't fit because of how a woman's body SHIFTS after being pregnant. My mommy muffin top, my slightly thicker thighs, the junk in trunk...all things I never had before. And somehow a roll of puffy skin has developed over my knee caps...not good for dresses.

Well...I've joined the gym to firm up so hopefully my legs will tone up enough by mid July. Now it's time to pick a dress!! I've found two online that I adore...both my style depending on my mood. However one is uber expensive so I'm leaning against the blue for that reason.

What do you all think? How should I look for this amazing wedding I'm going to? And if you find another dress online...forward the link to me!

VOTE---black and white or blue and cools.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My new redneck pool!

Yee haw I live in Oklahoma and it's now official because I have a red neck pool. If you listen to the last post, you can hear my son's excitement over our INTEX pool. It's so very cool though! By the way, before you make too much fun of me with this pic--I had just been splashed with some cooooold water!

Having this pool, not only has given my son more water confidence in just two days, but it's allowed my pasty white skin to get some sun....sun I've not seen in a while. Here are som pics for your enjoyment!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No Made in China

"We don't like you ball. You're made in China."

Thats what I'm hearing around my house or when out shopping lately. My son, who's five, is reading extremely well for his age, and has quickly learned how to read, "made in china."

After my mom's scare, where she was poisoned from pajamas that were made in China, my son is extremely aware of anything that's not US made.

He's reading everything we buy or anything he's already had contact with in our house. Even the bowl he ate cereal from this morning we found out was ... you guessed it ... made in China.

I think we're going to participate in the "Don't buy from China" campaign starting June 4th. For one whole month, I'm also going to challenge you. Please please don't buy anything from China. From June 4th to July 4th, our Independence Day, buy nothing made from this country.

I'm going to blog my month to let you know how this goes. I'm sure it's going to be hard, as most of our goods are all imported from them. I ask that you go to the link above in my blog and read just how real the treat is with anything that comes into our country from China, and then start your own campaign NOT to buy anything from them.