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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Doo

So I got a new doo. I usually don't tell my husband when I get my hair cut so I'll get an honest opinion when he walks through the door. Thankfully for me I've had an awesome stylist, Rachel, for 3 years now. I'd drive to Texas if I needed to in order to keep her. Rachel is the only person in 10 years that's been able to syle my hair well enough that I didn't feel like my hair was ever at that 'in between' length as I grew it out. This is the first time I've had long hair since I've known my husband. You can see the pic in the post below, with Rick Springfield, to see how short my hairs been in the last decade.

When he walked in the door today, his eyes lit up.
"You got your hair cut!"
"It looks...like a 60's or 70's cut."
"So you're saying?" (What does that mean?)
"It's cute. It look like ... uhhhh..."
"Choose carefully!" I warned.

I could see the wheels turning in hopes of coming up with a name. All I could think of was if he said Cher, I was going to hit him. He left to the garage to get the rest of his work stuff and threw back at me, "Jennifer Aniston!"

Yeah right! Jennifer Aniston with the Rachel hair cut, I'm not. But I did have the Monica right out of college.

I know her friend's hair is about 10 years old, but I still dig the Rachel. I bet if I grew my bangs out and didn't use my flat iron...I'd have a little Rachel going on.

And to give you guys some news on my hubbie, from those that have been checking in with me after his ER scare this weekend....He's all better thank the Lord. It took a few days to get back to normal, but now he's the same smart ass I know and love, which is a good sign.

I'm still on the dress hunt for the upcoming wedding in less than a month. My son and I went to Target yesterday just to see if they had any bargain specials. He's such a little shopper. He picked out about 8 things he thought would look pretty on me, and the funny thing is...they were all something I'd pick for me. My husband is the same way. He always can pick something out that he'd like for me...and it's usually right on the money. Man am I a blessed girl or what? I've got two attentive guys in my house who want me to pick out nice things for me! WoW...now if only I had money!

Actually the top I have on in that pic up above,...no not Rachels...the white one on me, is one my son picked out at Target yesterday. It's my new favorite shirt!
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