Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Lil Guy's Growin Up

Sixth grade has been such a big year.  Middle school started out rough with deadlines for papers, more responsibilities, and no room for excuses for teachers.  My kid struggled for a while as he'd always had grace periods when things were late ... until this year.  This year his teachers show tough love, while pushing them to be better and expect better of themselves.

Now mid year, he gets all his homework done at school, and remembers most of his projects.  Hey - he's not perfect.  He's still my silly forgetful kid, but he's grown leaps and bounds with his responsibilities as school.

At home, I've also been trying to cut the chord so to speak.  It's been a big transition and my kid is such a softie.  He still wants me to walk him in to school.  He still lovingly reaches to hold my hand.  And - he still will hug me in front of his friends without a care who sees.  And although I don't discourage his affection, as I never want him to feel ashamed of showing love for others - I've been getting tougher with him with little things like forcing him to make his own decisions, or not walking him (all the way) in to school.   :)

As I push him to go and do things on his own - to be his own person - I see how much he's growing up into an amazing kid, who is not afraid to show compassion and love for others (including his mom) while still being one of the guys.  He's joined some clubs at school and is developing is own sense of self - without me being a part of it.  However the base of what we (his parents) have given him, is what he's using to grow into these new roles in life.

I smile as I hear his voice getting a bit deeper - and see how much he's growing.  My heart warms as I see him hanging with his friends, who laugh at his jokes. (My son's role model is Tom Bergeron)

My lil' guy is growing up into a fine young man, who still has a big heart and loves to make others smile.  He is my treasure.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Short Update

For those of you who are interested in COMING HOME, it's on sale on Amazon right now for .99 cents - but for one more day only!  It bumps to 1.99 after that for a couple of days before sliding back up to normal price at 3.99.

Here's the link to purchase it now.

Then once you're done - please leave a review here.  

Also, just a quick update - I was recently interviewed on Will Wilson's Indie Book Show - here.  It's about an hour long so if you're able to, tune in.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Indie Book Show

I met Will Wilson this past summer, when I found his page on Facebook for his Indie Book Show.  His show centers around up and coming Indie Authors, such as myself and numerous others.  It was an honor to be his guest on his weekly blogtalkradio show this past Friday.

For anyone that cares to, I'm posting the link here for your listening enjoyment.  He asks some insightful questions, but be warned as I was having some allergy and breathing problems.  Please excuse me when I sound out of breath.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Substantial Crush

My kiddo has had a crush on the same girl since 2nd grade.  On the first day he saw her, his smile lit up his face and he instantly began chatting her head off.  She was shy and was unsure about her new school and he made it his mission to befriend her and give her a great first year.

In third grade, (I'll never forget this) I was rushing him out the door for school.  He was dawdling ... like he always does ... and his face transformed from every day kid to a starstruck dreamer.  He smiled and stared out to nothing at all and said, "You know mommy ... I'm going to marry that girl someday and carry her over the threshold in her wedding dress.  I even know who my best men are going to be."  I blinked twice unsure of how to answer, told him that he was very sweet, and continued rushing him out the door for school.

In fourth grade, he wanted to start buying her gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or practically any other reason he could think of.  We'd arrange meet ups with her parents after school, at a nearby restaurant, so they could sit at their own table to exchange gifts.  This way no one at school saw it, because by now boys were making fun of others when they liked girls, who were still supposed to be gross.

In fifth grade, he came home and told me that he'd asked her to dinner and excitedly exclaimed that she said 'Yes!'.  I again blinked, because I wondered just how he was going to pay to take her out to dinner or drive her there - and joked about it.  I asked him just when where they going and where, to which he replied ... 'I'd like to take her somewhere expensive and it's this Friday night'.  At this point - we had a talk about clearing things through me first as I already had plans that night.  We also discussed my budget, as I couldn't afford to buy the two of them an expensive dinner.  Then we talked about age appropriate dating ... and that when he was old enough to drive and pay for her dinner ... then he could take her on a date, if her parents agreed.  Needless to say, I took them to an early afternoon snack at a local drive in, so he could fulfill his promise to her and take her to dinner.

This year, he doesn't talk about her much, because he's in sixth grade ... and hey, he's a dude.  Guys don't talk about girls ... but every once in a while he'll bring her up with me and clue me in on what they talked about that day.  I get a glimpse of his heart and it makes me smile.

Last week, we had a sweet conversation that went a little like this:

T: "I think I want to get (insert any girl's name) a Christmas gift."
Me: "What do you think she'd like?"
T: "um, I don't know..." (he thought for a few seconds) "you know we can just get her something sparkly. Girls like that kind of stuff." (He thinks some more) "no forget that ... She's much more substantial than that. I'll have to put some thought into it."
It blows me away that he is so invested at such a young age.  He's so tender hearted, and obviously very thoughtful.  I don't know if he'll grow out of his crush with this young girl, who is equally as sweet by the way.  But what I do know is that he is going to make a great husband one day.  And I pray for his wife, that she'll love his tender heart, appreciate his loyal spirit, and give back 110% to him what he gives to her.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Newest Review for COMING HOME

Imagine my surprise when I woke up on Sunday to messages and comments from friends and family like ... "Great review" ... "Congratulations!"

I had no idea what they were referring to as I didn't know anything was being written or going into our local paper, The Oklahoman.  So I quickly got my iPhone and looked up their online paper, newsok.com and found this story:

“Coming Home” by Kimberly McKay
(CreateSpace, 340 pages, available at Amazon.com)

I liked getting to know the spunky but broken Anne LaSal in Oklahoma author Kimberly McKay’s “Finding Kylie” and “Facing Redemption,” so it was a treat to get more of her story in “Coming Home.”

Anne is the best friend of main character Chastity in the two earlier books written by this budding writer. McKay, who at one time worked for The Oklahoman, does a great job of setting up the suspense — will it be romance or sparks? — when Anne agrees to be on the popular “Broadcast Affair” network show without learning who the show’s bachelor is for the season.

In “Facing Redemption,” readers learn that Anne is coming fresh off a nasty breakup and breaking free from a sad past when she agrees to be on the show. Realizing she has nothing to lose, she’s maybe even ready for a bit of fun and adventure. She finds that and so much more on this journey of self-discovery.

Anne’s growing up as a military brat helps prepare her for the drama of being on a dating reality television show along the lines of “The Bachelor,” where numerous girls compete for the affection of one man. The dilemma she faces is whether to believe Chad Chambers is truly a nice guy she could actually fall for or just a really skilled actor.

Readers might be tempted to settle into “Coming Home” as a typical romance novel, but McKay throws in enough curves to keep the reader furiously turning pages to reach the finale.

Mckay does a good job of making her characters real and relatable. They know loss. They have to rely on their faith. They want to love, but they’re full of all of the emotions anyone is subject to when opening up to this most vulnerable of feelings — fear, insecurity, uncertainty and hope.

“Coming Home” is a fast read with main characters that pique the reader’s interest and draw compassion. Side characters add just the right amount of trouble.
McKay uses a deft hand in weaving elements of faith into the story. The characters face a realistic struggle between romantic interest and purity, but there’s no unabashed evangelism. Anne’s talk with her new friend Kamryn gives readers a great analogy of the difference between a true relationship with God and empty religion.

— Tricia Pemberton,
for The Oklahoman

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Revisiting a Piece of Home

So as a brat, moving every few years my tenure in most states includes a coupe years of middle school here - year of junior high there - and maybe if I'm lucky I got a longer stay for high school.

I spent two years of my high school in the state of Virginia, twenty miles south of D.C. - then my dad's next duty station took us overseas for my junior & senior years.  At this point, it hit hard as I'd finally felt like I'd come into my own as a teenaged girl and suddenly I was forced to pack up and move away from all close my friends and my comfort zone.  As a military brat, you get used to this sort of thing but it's not like you love it all the time.

Long story short ... my older sister and I are going back this weekend for her class reunion.   She also attended this same school, and had to leave right before her senior year. Although it's her 30th high school reunion - it's also an 'all class reunion' as our high school is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  Since Virginia is one of the few places we lived in more than once, I was lucky enough to spend some middle school and high school years in this same place.  Even though I'm accompanying her back to revisit her roots, we're both going to see some close friends that we've still stayed in touch with all these years.

On top that I've got classmates from my DOD high school in Japan, where I actually graduated, who are living in this same area now.  So I'll get two reunions all in one.  I'm so blessed to have my military brat friends to spend my day with on Saturday.

Along with catching up with our friends, my sis and I will probably spend time driving around our old neighborhood, and take a short trip to revisit our favorite places like Occoquan and IKEA.  All the while, I'll be taking mental notes as my next book is taking place in Virginia.  It's been a while since I've been there so I'll have to refresh my memories for my new character, Paige, and step through the state as if in her shoes.  I'll have my own weekend, all the while thinking what would Paige like or prefer?  How would Paige take this in?  What would she want to eat?  Would Paige love the Potomac as much as I do? If so, what would she be doing alongside it?  How will she and her friends get along and where will they hang out?

I know right?  It's a weird world inside my head sometimes.  I'm just ready to catch up and take a walk in Paige's shoes and revisit my roots in mine.  I'm a firm believer you can never go back.  I don't believe is glorifying the old days.  However I think it's good to keep in touch with a few solid friends and taking time for them and yourself.  This trip will be good for my sister and I to do together as we both had to suddenly leave a place we loved, for the unknown.  Although the next step in our journey was equally as great, Virginia is one place we left a piece of ourselves in.

It will be good to go home.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Humbling Responses

This was a review on Amazon, which was left recently for Finding Kylie.  Between reviews like this ...  and supportive texts (see below) from some of my favorite blogger buddies, like Terri, about COMING HOME - I'm so happy.

Sometimes God gives me inspiration on what needs to be included in my books ... sometimes I pray - not knowing - and it just evolves from there.  Either way I have to believe they're just as they should be -- with a message for someone who needs it.  So keep reading America and let me know how each book has touched you.