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Encouraging Words

It's amazing when my 5-year-old comes home, talking about the history behind MLK day.

When I was in Kindergarten, we learned our colors, numbers, and maybe a few words.

My son comes home teaching me about rhombuses, arctic animals and their habitats, and about politics.

Today, he came home and gave me a history lesson. He said Martin Luther King was a very good man who delivered a speech that he was killed for.

I'm sure the teachers tried to give these kids the whole picture of 'I have a dream,' yet this is the part that stuck with my child - 'he gave a speech that he died for...'

I tried to impart some wisdom at that moment. Wisdom like that of MLK and what he tried to stress on that day he died.

That we are all created equal even though some people judge others because of their background, race, or religion. That we all should work as a human race to improve our society with peace and respect. That we should NOT judge others based on their color, creed, or f…
July is coming to a close, bringing the first half of 2020 to a place where the world is ready. 
Ready for the new normal - whatever that is.  Ready for things to settle down (cue the aliens).  Ready for a vacation that isn't taken with the nagging thought in the back of their mind of 'is this safe?'  Ready to NOT have to defend their decision to mask or not to mask. That's truly a good question, but I'm going to leave it right here ... and walk away from it.
I think my biggest concern is how divided our communities and nation has become. I'll defend my right to wear a mask just as much as I defend your right not to wear one. Can you say the same? If you're an anti-masker, will you respect those who aren't? I hope so because the anger in our hearts has to stop. If you watch the national news, you'll see the outright childish behavior as people wipe their snotty noses on employees' shirts because they've been asked to don a mask. 
I could get into …

Mr. Rogers Would be Sad

I have to admit. I've not watched the news in a very long time, because of how the negativity has hit an all-time high. The few seconds it may be on stresses me out, and when we are stressed - we're not at our best. It's hard to be fair or kind when your heart is full of chaos.

The below NOT a political debate, rant, or meant to start any heated conversations. You all know I stay far away from anything political when posting. This is purely an observation from the heart. So please, no comments that spur anger from anyone.

My husband and I are not straight-party voters. We look at issues on both sides of the fence to see what is right for us and how we can vote to make our world a better place. This world has become SO 'us vs. them.' that it's harmful to the process of what our country was founded on. People can't even express an opinion without backlash or being polarized as a villain if it's against popular opinion. It is no longer possible to learn fr…

Designated Survivor Killed Off by the F-Bomb

My father always said that when people use swear words, it's because they're not able to hold an intelligent conversation. I never understood how true that was until I grew up and became a mom later in life.

First, let me state this loud and clear, I don't judge people if they do curse. In my younger years, I was known to let a few fly here and there - and as a military brat, I've heard my fair share.

But, as a writer, I've learned that the truly gifted writers are the ones who can spin a story with wit, charm, and fantastic banter without using curse words as a crutch. And, that's what they are - a crutch - a filler and a crass one at that.

The above scenario - the writing with wit and all that charm is what Designator Survivor used to be for its first two seasons. It was a great show I could watch with my teen and trust me, teens are not TV watchers. They're on Youtube or playing video games. Watching TV is the last thing on their agenda. For my guy to …
Finally, Dangerous Visions is here! Many of you have asked when Anderson's story would be here ... wait no more! 

For those who haven't read Endless Possibilities yet - don't worry. While Dangerous Visions is the second book in The Spiritual Gifts Series, it can be read as a standalone.
For those unfamiliar with Anderson Evans - here is the synopsis:
After awakening from a coma, Agent Anderson Evans struggles to see things clearly as visions plague him throughout the day. The only way to distance himself from his premonitions is to ride cross-country, where he is free from the intermittent flashes that appear from the occasional touch in the crowd. If only he could avoid the reoccurring vision of a woman struggling to survive, but she haunts him as if calling to him.Savannah Miles never expected that by taking on another bridal client, she’d be signing her death warrant. She soon finds herself caught up in an elaborate underworld that has her fleeing for her life under the da…

A Frog Haunting

Last night, I heard rustling in my bedroom by the bed when nothing or no one else was in the room. I'm not gonna lie. It kinda freaked me out.
When I couldn't find the source, and it finally stopped, I wrote it off to a random occurrence.
Then at two in the morning, my kid came to wake me up, saying there was scratching noise under his bed.  Again, I was a bit caught off guard. He said he wasn't scared and had even searched under his bed with a flashlight to find nothing.
Man, at that age, if I were him, I'd have been screaming for my mom but not him. He said he told me only because he thought I'd like to know. I walked him back to his room, not because he was scared but because I was a bit creeped out. What was making noises in our rooms??!
Then, tonight, my husband caught a squatter in our house. Yup, a squatter... but not the kind you're probably thinking of.
This was the kind that hops and eats bugs. A baby frog was bouncing in his room inside his electroni…

His Timing

God's plans are so much bigger than what we could ever fathom. His vision extends further than our limited scope of what we want, need, or can comprehend. If there is something in your life that you're desperately praying for, do not give up hope or faith! 

There have been so many times that I prayed for something without understanding only to be blessed ten to fifteen years later! When his answer finally came, it did so with perfect timing, the exact fit, and completed me in such a way that I was overwhelmed with peace. If he'd said yes to me years earlier, I wouldn't have learned half of what I needed to, gained the spiritual understanding/strength to handle it, nor would I have the same appreciation.

His timing is everything, so trust that He has your best interests at heart... even if the answer is no. It may just be... no, not right now. Let him feed you spiritually, grow you, and move you to where you need to be to see the big picture.

He Sees YOU

In reading Luke 5 today - here is what hit me. When Jesus performed the miracle - the gathering of fish so abundant that the fishermen's net broke. The even was clearly overwhelming to those around him. After all, they had fished all night with nothing to show for it.
Some days, I can relate to this - working so hard to yield little to no results. Then, when God glances my way with a miracle that is so effortless for Him, I'm humbled at the ease that it is given. Although thankful, my first thought is that I am not worthy. Just like the first disciples, then fishermen, who said, "Go away from me, Lord. I am a sinful man." Yet, Jesus loved and chose them anyway - just like me ... just like you.
If you're working so hard that you're at a loss today, know He sees you, He loves you, and He has you.