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McCain and Palin 2008

Either way this election goes, it will be revolutionary. I, for one, am very excited about McCain's pick for VP. I had a gut feeling a few days ago he'd pick a female.

What are your thoughts? Does this effect your decision if you're a Democrat? Does it give you incentive to get out and vote if you're Republican?

Who would play in your movie?

I've been tagged to cast my own movie. My poor memory seems to recall it was by speedy. He cast his own, which got me thinking...A movie about my life, although interesting, may not hold up with just anyone. So who would play me and my loved ones?

Well my hubbie seems to think we're very 'King of Queens' in demeanor and in casting. The slightly portly funny guy with the cute I think my pick for he and I would have to be Kevin James and Leah Remeni.
Like them, we're a couple, who like to banter and love. We like to have fun, but get frustrated easily. BUT not enough for it to become a fight...only enough to end up shaking our heads and then laugh it off later.

My lovely sister would be played by Ashley Judd. She's the beautiful tough girl, who doesn't let most people know she has a soft side. If you're lucky enough, you'll see it. She makes everyone laugh and everyone loves her. I think Ashley would be a great pick for he…

This week...

So if you didn't notice...I've taken a few days off from this blog. I can't maintain everything, all the time. Although my son and husband think I do. :)

My sweet companion of 14 years, had to be put down this week. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. My son is coping okay...he cried again today before taking him to school. I know I've had to stop myself when looking for him outside, wondering why I didn't see him in the yard. I've stopped myself from looking for him on the ground, when I get up to pee in the middle of the night, as I would always trip over him. He followed me everywhere I went. He was so much a part of my day in small ways I didn't even recognize until now.

Well my son is experiencing the same thing. He put his plate down on the couch this morning, mid breakfast. And reached to pick it up, so Hershey wouldn't eat his food. He quickly put it back down and started crying. "I miss him mom." Afterwards he had…

Feelin Sequelish

So in the last week I've been taking looots of notes to stimulate the start of my sequel. I've decided to put an excerpt in the back of Finding Kylie, to interest readers to look for the second book, On The Verge.

It's a daunting task to take on, knowing the bar has been set high with the first book, but I'm way up to the challenge. The notes I've been taking are already starting to formulate a framework for the storyline and characters.

I've mentioned in previous posts that I'm a dream writer. Some of my best stuff comes to me at 2 a.m., which is the magic hour for me. I know God places these plots and character twists in my head and prompts me to wake up enough to remember what ran through my mind. So for two days I've been simmering. A great start to my second book hit me at 2 a.m. and has stuck in my mind waiting to be put on paper.

My mother keeps saying, "I hope you're writing all these ideas you're having down so you don't fo…

His first crush

My son never has a problem finding a pretty girl. They chase him and he loves it. He's five and such a little ladies man.

Today was his first day of Kindergarten. I didn't cry he's so confident and ready to start school. It made it easier for me.

This after noon when I picked him up, I asked the usual questions to inquire about his day. Open ended questions that led to conversation vs yes or no questions.

Me: "What did you do on the playground today?"

Little T: "Chased girls..." (with a smile) "I looooove to chase girls!"

Me: "Any in particular? How about the girl who sits next to you? Ashlee?"

Little T: "Ooooo. She's so pretty mom. I don't want to come home. I just wanna be with her right now!"

Me: (eyebrows up) "really?"

Little T: "Oh yeah, I can't wait to go back tomorrow to see her. She's just so pretty mom."

Kimberly McKay's new book site

Hey all announcing my publisher's website for your reading enjoyment, showcasing a page on... you guessed it! It's a page telling all you'd want to know about my book and me...go see it and let me know your thoughts here!

Click here!

I can't tell you how excited I am that this project is on track. I have one local book store agreeing to sell it in OKC. I've got a few others waiting till it's actually printed so they can see it.

I'm currently waiting for a few reviews for press releases. And next is finalizing the edit job to ensure the whole package is as tight as it can be.

Wii'd out Woman

My husband bought me a Wii for my birthday. Well let me clarify that he didn't think I could wait for my birthday, so I received it 'unwrapped' 3 days early, because he didn't think I could wait......Ha!

It was a week before we were to leave on our vacation, so we let our son play it a little more than we should. After all we were leaving in about a week, and had lots of things to do in preparation for our trip. So a little more time on it here and there was the lazy way out for us...for me.

Then when we got back about a week and a half ago. It was, "I wanna play the Wii"...."I wanna play the Wii". I didn't go overboard on it, but he again played it more than normal. It was about an hour and a half a day....not all at once....but in it's entirety. And it was always after morning is too early for any media.

I feel I'm a baaaad mom for letting it get that far.

So this week....I'm Wii'd out! School starts in a few day…

The history of this blog...

When I started this blog it was to express the frustrations involved when you have to work, and still balance being a mom. I worked a 8-5 job, that left no room for kids and their schedules. I had 3 sleep disorders which just seemed to aggravate the work situation as well.

Life was fine as a professional woman, until I became a mom. The very first week I returned from maternity leave, I faced a female boss, who resented women that had children. As she couldn't have any, her mission was to punish those who could. She took me out of my outside sales territory, that was near my son's day care and put me in a far south territory, that held lower income areas and much further distances for breastfeeding. Instead of being 15 miles from my child for a lunch break, I was 50+ miles.

So not only did I put more miles on my car, but by the time I was ready to breast feed or pump...I either had to pull over in 'the hood' to pump and hope no one would walk up and see me...or pra…

With this cool design....

So when I downloaded this fun design...I LOST MY BLOGROLL!

Please don't be offended if you log on and see you're not on my favs any more. Please do leave me a comment though, so that I can grab your address quickly to add it back. I would really appreciate it. That way I don't have to search the web for all million of you.

Love to you today! I'm still in my pajama's! Ahhhh! I really have to get back into the swing of some sort of schedule. Reality is gonna hit hard in the next couple of weeks when my son's school starts.