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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some feedback on Finding Kylie

I got a really sweet voice mail today from a former co-worker and friend, named Kim. I just had to post it for you all to hear. When I heard her crying at first, I thought something was really wrong and it scared me. Then I listened to the rest of the message, and felt so honored at her reaction.

Give it a listen!

If you've not read the book yet, you can click on my book button on the side bar of this blog. Scroll down a little and click on the book cover of 'Finding Kylie'! I look forward to your reviews too!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Son's Career Path

It doesn't take much to recognize certain traits in our children from early on. My son's a born salesman. Last night at my book launch party, which went phenomenal by the way, he circulated and worked the room, asking every single person if they've bought a book by his mommy.

I even saw him dragging my mom over, when he noticed she didn't have hers yet. He pulled her across the room, made her out a ticket, and gave her a $5 bill and a nickel. It didn't matter that she hadn't bought one yet, he gave her the standard change he saw us giving out to all those that paid with a 20 dollar bill. His math and reasoning skills are very high for someone his age.

At the of the night, one man, whom I met for the first time last night said, "Hey your son signed my copy of your book."
me--"Huh? He did?"
Opening to the back page, I saw a backwards J that was crossed out ... and then a correct J next to it.
me--"What did he put that down for?"
Man--"Well he stopped by as he was working the room, and saw my copy of the book. He said 'I see you bought my mommy's book ... would you like me to sign that sir?'. I told him sure. Then he asked what my name was."
I smiled picturing the moment.
Man continues-- "When I told him my name was Jay, he did his best to sign the book with my name...hence the letter 'J'."

We all had a good laugh over it. When everyone left, most commented that I should hire him as my business manager. A few minutes later I asked him if he'd take the job. He asked what it meant to be a business manager.

After I explained it, he thought hard before replying, "How bout if I just be your employer and you can be my employee!"

Yes, my son's born go getter.

Here's few pics from last night:

Me up on the balcony, at Toby Kieth's I love this bar and grille, during a break of book signing.

My husband welcoming our guests, and greeting all at the restaurant ... to invite them upstairs for the event.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fat lip and all ...

So last night my son purposely head butted me, and busted both my top and bottom lip. I keep trying to teach him to be gentle when playing with girls, and his mommy ... but I don't think he's catching on.

This morning, the cuts were barely noticable. Relieved I continued with my day. My little guy stayed home from school today. He's been on anti-biotics, which make him crazy -- I mean really crazy with a capital CCCCCCCCCCC!

We were playing and he shoved up his arm and fist, pretending to knock someone out. Unfortunately for me I turned my head toward him, and into a little fist.

Now I have my first fat lip. I look like I had a collagen injection!

Well, I always wanted sexy full lips. Now I have one!

(I hope it goes down before tonight's book launch party)

Monday, November 17, 2008

My 3 minutes of fame on KSBI TV

An online review from my buddy Terri. Love this girl, and so appreciate her every word on this vlog online book review. Thank you Terri.

She also gave me this cool shirt once she vlogged me on her blog.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blog Talk Me Baby

Here's my first interview. IF you have a little time to hear about the book, check this link out.

Kimberlee, my publisher, is a really neat lady and she asked some awesome questions. We had fun bantering back and forth.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What happened the the girls?

Okay lets face it - as women we know our power is held in many areas ... one of them being our bra size.

I was one that was always flat chested growing up. Flat as a pancake. I always envied girls in school, who were ogled over by the boys because their boobs were the first thing you could see when they walked up.

Secretly I know those girls envied me as we got older, because I never had back problems due to my large endowments. I was perky and cute, and grew into my womanhood. Instead of my boobs outgrowing me.

However, once I had my child my breasts fell nicely into the C cup range. When pregnant, I was a double D. I gave enough milk for 4 kids, and my family called me 'Elsie'.

After I stopped breastfeeding, they were the perfect size for me and my husband's tastes. Yeah! I liked wearing tight tops as I could actually show some cleavage for the first time in my life, which was in my 30's.

Is this TMI or what? Well now, after waiting tables for one month. I've not been eating regularly at all. I've lost 5 pounds or so, without trying which would normally be a good thing.

EXCEPT instead of my body taking the inches off where I needed them ... around my thighs ... where do you think I lost it all? That's right!

I'm not an A anymore but I'm ready to have my girls back.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay I fess up ...

I know times are tough. I also am one to keep a sunny side up in times of trouble. Anyone that reads my Daily Blessings blog, will know I see blessings in the midst of chaos. And 99% of the time ... I do. It's not just me typing that philosophy to fool you all that life is that good if you make it--> I honestly feel that focusing on my blessings gives me peace in midst of strife. Giving God thanks in times of trouble is a wonderful way to keep it together.

Today, it's not that I'm not thanking Him upside and sideways ... because I am. He's so wonderful in providing for me each day. Sometimes it's day by day in how we get by financially. HOWEVER --- I'm stressing out some.

The job I took waiting tables, to work around my son's school schedule, is not paying what I thought it would. And with the economy, the first thing people cut back on is tips. I'm making 20-30 dollars a day.

I'm needing a huge friendly benefactor, who has tons to spend to stop by my bank and say, "here, I have plenty to spare --- drop some in Kim's account please."

How about a millionaire coming to sit in my section? Seeing that I work hard and with a smile? And dropping me a $500 tip? That would be a huge huge blessing!

Stress ... fessing up here ... I do have it. We all do! I'm just trying not to let it take me over today.

post note: My Sunday School teacher just called to direct me to the financial assistance program they offer members through the church. He was thinking of me and thought I may benefit from it this month.

Is God good or what????

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Missing Blogger Needs Your Help

Tara has been doing a great job of keeping us all up to date on Kathleen's disappearance, with posts like these. I'm sickened to think of a fellow blogger gone for 11 days and her local media is just NOW caring enough to run stories to get leads for the police.

Was anchorage so caught up in local and national election coverage that threat of a missings woman's life was too trivial to cover? It angers me that a loved and missed family member, mom, wife, and friend can just disappear with no one covering it!!!

Sheila Kathleen McBroom, more commonly known as Kathy McBroom, has been missing for over ten days.

Please watch this video, and if you know someone who knows anything please contact the local Anchorage authorities!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Review Me Please

Hey you guys. As you read my book, I want to invite you to write a review on Amazon. If you have an account through Amazon, you can review my book here!

I hope you'll thoroughly enjoy it, and take the time to jot a few things down for me in order to promote it through Amazon. Thank you!

Tomorrow morning, I have my first book signing at my college's library. It's Southern Nazarene University's Homecoming weekend, and part of the festivities is their first almuni book signing event. It's an honor to be asked to be involved. I only have 15 books to take with me for this one, but am not worried as most people who want it will hold off for the big event in downtown OKC.

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill is graciously hosting my launch party on November 20th. If anyone is in OKC that night let me know!