Fat lip and all ...

So last night my son purposely head butted me, and busted both my top and bottom lip. I keep trying to teach him to be gentle when playing with girls, and his mommy ... but I don't think he's catching on.

This morning, the cuts were barely noticable. Relieved I continued with my day. My little guy stayed home from school today. He's been on anti-biotics, which make him crazy -- I mean really crazy with a capital CCCCCCCCCCC!

We were playing and he shoved up his arm and fist, pretending to knock someone out. Unfortunately for me I turned my head toward him, and into a little fist.

Now I have my first fat lip. I look like I had a collagen injection!

Well, I always wanted sexy full lips. Now I have one!

(I hope it goes down before tonight's book launch party)

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