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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Worn thin

Today I feel as if I've earned my blog name, wornoutwoman. You can read more about it here.

I'm in desperate need of sleep, but cannot complain as my husband hasn't slept since Thursday.

Today we visited the health fair and my mom and I got our glucose and cholesterol checked. I came in above average in my good levels and way below the bad levels, so I'm very healthy. Yay!

When my son saw my mom's finger pricked, he was fascinated with the whole process. The nurse gave him the band-aid to put on her finger. She called him her little doctor, and told him she'd be his nurse when he grew up. He was very impressed with himself. When it came time to prick my finger, he started crying because he couldn't stand to see me bleeding. He just teared up and pouted. It made me so sad. He's had a lot to deal with this weekend, again you'll have to read the post link up above to read more about that.

The nurse asked her little doctor if he'd like to make his mommy better by putting a band-aid on her. Of course he couldn't wait to attend to my needs, and bandaged me up quickly. Afterwards, she gave him an extra band-aid and some latex gloves for future use--for when he became a doctor.

So today, most of the day...he's had those things on giving me a check up. It's been so sweet seeing him fix whatever he feels like it broken on me. He's asked me lots of questions, but I kept dozing off! I think 2 nights of no sleep is catching up with me.

Tonight I'm taking a little sleep aid and getting some quality shut eye!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mybloglog hack

For those of you who found me through Mybloglog, I am glad to have found your acquaintance. As of about 10 seconds ago, I deleted my account. It seems every time I'd visit one of my favorite blogs, and I'd see one of those widgets, that track whose visiting from their network, my name would change.

First my wornoutwoman name would be "grrrrr" then it was a question mark. What the ???

To me that means someone hacked in and changed my name, and it wasn't me. I found no way to change my password, and so I just deleted that account all together.

I just thought I'd send out a quick warning to anyone on that network to watch their account.

Luckily I never use any of my real info on any of my blogs or networks, because you can never be too careful.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dog gonit!

A few months ago my dog got out of our back yard, and was gone overnight. It was traumatizing to our whole family. We were consumed with finding him as he was 14 years old, needed his medication, & is blind as a bat. I just knew he would be hit by a car.

It was the first time my son had seen me cry...okay bawl like a baby...and he kept getting a dish rag to dry my face. It was really hard on him in a matter of different ways.

Well this morning, I left the garage door open to allow my engine to run and warm up. My chocolate lab has never run off, while in the midst of his food. And his bowl was full, so I let him out in the garage to eat. It wasn't a worry of him running b/c he'd never before. Well there's a first time for everything.

I stepped out to load up my son for school, and Hershey was M.I.A and no where to be seen. I ran down the driveway calling his name as my little boy stood by our car, distressed. "what do I do mommy? where is he? did he run off again?"

Finally I saw our old dog, 5 houses down across the street peeing as he ran off. I called his name and he stopped to look, and then took off running. I whistled to no avail. So impulsively I strapped my son in our already running rental car (the orange eye soar), and took off down the road. I caught up to Hershey at a stop sign, where he then ran across the road away from me...but stopped long enough to poop in the road. I thought "Oh crap (no pun intended)...I don't have time to come back and clean that up."

I got out to grab him mid poop, when he bolted back toward the house. Okay, I put my car in reverse and sped down the road to catch up to him. My boy squealed, "Mommy this is so fun!" His laughter made me laugh at the whole thing. Anything that makes him smile, makes me happy. Even in the middle of run away dogs pooping and ditching me.

I finally caught up to him, jumped out, grabbed his neck, and guided him to my car. We continued backward to our house, where I deposited him into our back yard. But not before my son asked, "Can we go to school with Hershey? I like this!"

It was quite an adventure for my little guy, who was bound and determined to tell his teachers that Hershey ran off again...but this time not that far. I'm sure they'll ask, "What happened?" And I'm sure he'll say, "My mom left the garage door up."
Well duh! I guess I'm going to have to start keeping that down more often now. I'm just glad I got him home in one piece.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shaking my head

This post got me thinking about some doctors and their callous sense of every day life. I think sometimes they forget that just because they see things day in and day out, that the rest of us aren't quite as de-sensitized to the whole bodily process and pain thing.

It always amazes me when a doctor has a could care less attitude. Not all in the medical field are this way...let me stipulate! Most are great with bedside manner. The reason they got into the field is because they care, but some just should change professions. Like the nurses that stick my son with shots or swab his throat in a rough manner, b/c they don't take time to be careful. Those are the kind of people I'm talking about here. Thankfully I've got a great G.P. and Pediatrician that are empathetic. Now my OBGYN, although a wonderful doctor and caring to a point, is someone who is rather clueless to certain things like pain.

I know next to having a baby, there is no such thing as pain. So I can see why an OBGYN has little tolerance for most women's standard aches and even some in labor are bothersome to them. BUT the post, mentioned above, made me remember one of my last visits, other than just a check-up.

I had an in grown hair, you know where, right on the outside edge of my bikini area. Unfortunately it got infected and was about the size of a peanut. I reluctantly went to him, because I had no other recourse.

He looked it over and said, "uh-huh that's got to come out." (Well duh) He asked the nurse for a scalpel and told me to hang on. Now that didn't sound good! I thought he'd inject me with a local....NOPE.

The next thing I knew he was cutting a large slice into me. OUCheee wawa! I looked up at him with big eyes, and the next thing he said was, "Oops, that didn't take...not deep enough. I gotta go back in."

Seriously? It was joke right? The first time hurt bad enough. I asked him if he was going to deaden the area, and he politely responded, "why? that would hurt just as much as the scalpel would." The look he gave me was incredulous, and then back in he went to cut a lot deeper until I heard a pop noise.

He didn't stitch anything up but told me to soak and medicate for a couple of days. I left limping and shaking my head. This is the same doctor that didn't give me correct directions to the maternity ward, and landed me in cardiology to have my baby.

You gotta love the medical field some days...

If my brother in law or future sister in law read this they're gonna get mad at me, as one's a doctor and the other a nurse. (I apologize in advance) They're both exceptions to this post by the way. They're both caring, empathetic, and extremely competent.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anyone care to guess?

Anyone up for guessing what this is all about???
Closest guess gets a pat on the back and a hoorah!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Five years ago

Monday, March 10th 2003, I proceeded to stand up at the end of my sales meeting to go back upstairs to my office. Something in my huge belly creaked, popped, and groaned just enough to keep me from standing.

Most of those around me asked if they could help me up, because I was stuck in my chair. Me, being tough, brushed it off as nothing and thanked them for their offers. I got my fat self off my chair to waddle to the stair case.

Thankfully one of the men I worked with, also a father, was wise enough not to let me take the stairs back up to our floor. He escorted me to the elevator, badged his ID card, and walked me to my little cubicle.

I was to have a ride along that day with a new rep, who was sick and coughing. I'd been riding with him 3 days prior, and unfortunately was now thoroughly congested. I walked to his cubicle and told him I would meet him later as I thought I had a doctor's check up at the hospital. He asked to drive me, because like everyone else downstairs he thought maybe I was in labor....as I was days away from my due date.

Again, I thanked him...but no, I was fine and I'd drive.

30 minutes later on my doctor's table, my OB confirmed that I was in fact in labor and my water had broken. I was completely unaware of any signs of labor, and had just driven myself to the hospital. Ha...what was I thinking?

(Later I found out that I felt no contractions until the last stage of labor, affectionately termed stage 4. That's the part of labor that makes you feel like you're slammed against a wall if you don't experience the warm up stages...which I felt none of.)

My OBGYN told me to hop off the table, take the elevator to the 4th floor, and check myself in. There was an elevator right outside his office. Okay....this was it....I was having a baby. Call my husband (walk to the elevator)...call my mom....no...just get to the fourth floor...then call my husband. Then he can call my mom and start the chain of communication.

I took the elevator, and stepped off at 4. Looking up, I was completely dumbfounded what I read a sign that said, Cardiology. I then realized that my doctor wasn't too aware that he needs to clarify that maternity is on the fourth floor in a separate wing. All I could think of was:

OH CRAP! Now what do I do?
I was getting a little winded, having a child, and lost!
Shouldn't he have had someone take me?

Thankfully one of the doctor's, that worked in cardiology, also got off with me and saw my predicament. He asked the obvious...'Are you having a baby?'

(Yah, ya think?)....Yes, (smiling desperately) puff puff wind wind...I am.

He called a nurse over with a wheel chair and said, "What is your doctor thinking just telling you to go to the fourth floor? He should wheeled you up himself!" I agreed. It took us 10 minutes just to wheel me over to the other wing to get checked in.

My husband got there in record time, and doesn't even remember driving. I'm sure it was in pure panic the whole way. He probably felt as lost as I felt after getting off at cardiology. Come to think of it...maybe that's where he should have gone to get himself checked out.

The main thing I remember that day was how hard it was to breathe, from being sick. I couldn't do any breathing exercises, and they had to give me an oxygen mask. Right after getting a bed, my oxygen level got so low that it caused my son's oxygen supply to cut off.

I began to pass out, as my son's body started flipping inside me. The monitors started beeping with that alarm sound, that's never good when you're in a hospital. I remember hearing the attending nurse yelling, get a crash cart! as I looked over to my husband for help. He was so unaware as he stared down at the clip board in his lap. I think he was trying to figure out how to spell his name for the paperwork.

As my pupils drilled down and the blackness overtook, I fought it. I was determined not to pass out. Breathe slooooow Kim, I told myself. Fight this.... My son's body movement slowed down, my eye sight came back, and the alarms shut off. We made it through with out any other major issues.

From that point they had to keep shifting my body to make sure my little baby's heart rate was normal. It kept fluxuating. Apparently when he was flipping around in my tummy, when I was threatening to pass out, his chord got wrapped around his neck. We barely avoided a C-section.

My angel was born Tuesday, March 11th at a little after 7 a.m.

He was the smallest sweetest gift I'd ever received. I had a mirror positioned so I could watch his entry into the world. He had a full head of black hair that never fell out. He was born a little old man, in a baby's body.

I still remember rubbing his soft back as he lay on my chest. He had black little hairs all over it that swirled in a pattern. It was the silkiest feeling, and he smelled so heavenly. From day one, he made funny faces at me and loved to love.

Now at the new age of five, his birthday again on a Tuesday, he still makes that same face I saw on his first day of life. He still loves to be affectionate. He still has a full head of hair, that is thick and beautiful. He's still a little man in a boy's body.

Five years ago I never imagined what a gift each day would be with my son. Being a mom is the most rewarding amazing gift God ever gave me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yes I'm still here..

I'm not avoiding any of you guys, I promise. It's just been busy with my son's birthday (yesterday...sigh) and work drama. Life has been in overdrive for me here in Oklahoma.

I'm taking two days off from work after a blow up between my boss and I. I need some time away to re-evaluate, re-charge, and get back in the game on Monday.

I promise I will be back this weekend with another blog post for ya, and have you at the edge of your seating giggling!

Be patient while I take a re-charge and a chill pill for a couple of days.

I promised my blogger buddy, Tam, I'd post about my son's birth and haven't even gotten to that yet. So that's to come...now that's a nail biter! Have a wonderful week you guys!

Love to you all....

Thursday, March 06, 2008

a startling lesson

Okay so I got a sex ed lesson this week from my almost 5 year old. I know at this age kids are extremely interested in their bodies and the differences in them and the opposite sex. I think with boys...they are from birth to the grave....but I digress.

He called me into the bathroom and said, "hey mom....um you know my hump?" (He calls his nads his hump, and I've never told him any other term) I nodded my head. He asked, "do you know it's a bucket of skin that holds my pee?" I raised my eyebrows and said, "No, I didn't know that." Okay...at this point I'm not going to correct him. I'm just gonna let him figure some stuff out on his own until "THE" talk comes at a later date.

He got excited and kept going, "And you know what?"
"When I'm older...I'll have hair on it too!"

I almost fell to the floor at this one!
"Ooooh really? Where did you hear that?"
"Well I dunno know. I already do have little hairs on it, so I guess I'll have more when I get big."
"I guess so..."

I shook my head and left the room to tell my mom what he just said. I was laughing but kinda in shock that he put that together. She started giggling and asked, "Well you know what he told me last week don't you?"
"No telling..."
"He said he had a pee pee, but went on to explain to me that his daddy had a really biiig pee pee."

I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time. I at that point called my husband to tell him the good news.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Accident Update

So I finally got my rental yesterday...Yay! I only get 15 dollars a day from my rental insurance, but Enterprise didn't have any lower end econ cars so they upgraded me for free. So now I'm a hip momma driving a big Nitro...watch out world.

It's nice to have something different to drive for a few days...or weeks depending on how long my cars in the shop. It's not even been seen by an adjuster yet so who knows I'll be getting attached to the Dodge.

Yesterday I found out from my insurance company that the kid that hit me, and was ticketed at the site, is fighting his ticket. He's claiming it's my fault.

Let me ask you. How is it my fault, when he ran his stop sign and T-boned my car...especially when I had NO stop sign?

Today I'm calling the officer from the accident to make sure he's at this young kid's court date. And you better believe me and my husband will be there as well. His insurance won't claim liability without that ticket standing.

What would you do??