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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Accident Update

So I finally got my rental yesterday...Yay! I only get 15 dollars a day from my rental insurance, but Enterprise didn't have any lower end econ cars so they upgraded me for free. So now I'm a hip momma driving a big Nitro...watch out world.

It's nice to have something different to drive for a few days...or weeks depending on how long my cars in the shop. It's not even been seen by an adjuster yet so who knows I'll be getting attached to the Dodge.

Yesterday I found out from my insurance company that the kid that hit me, and was ticketed at the site, is fighting his ticket. He's claiming it's my fault.

Let me ask you. How is it my fault, when he ran his stop sign and T-boned my car...especially when I had NO stop sign?

Today I'm calling the officer from the accident to make sure he's at this young kid's court date. And you better believe me and my husband will be there as well. His insurance won't claim liability without that ticket standing.

What would you do??
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