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What happens in Vegas...

6 week contest

Hey I thought of a little contest I could start through this blog. For those of you who've not read the book yet, this will be incentive hopefully for you, as well, to go get a copy.

In the next 6 weeks, I will be running a contest that everyone can participate in. The only catch is that you 'have' to have read Finding Kylie.

For those of you anxiously awaiting the's some good news. I've got 50 chapters outlined and about 20 chapters written.

So what's the contest?

For the next 6 weeks, you're to email me once you've read the book - and tell me who your favorite character is from Finding Kylie and why. Tell me one thing in particular which made you fall in love with that character and why it defines them. I'll know if you've truly read the book by how you answer this challenge.

I will be choosing a top 15 out of all the emails sent to me based on your thoughtful answers and heartfelt responses. Out of the top 15 persons, I will do a…

A never-ending song

So my husband, who's in the advertising industry/media, always in on the look out for funny commercials.  He's got the silliest sense of humor, which sometimes cracks me up and other times - just has me rolling my eyes.
A couple days ago he came home, popped open his lap top, and giggled while typing in the youtube website address.   "Kim, come here you've got to see this."
I sigh, knowing it's a gamble on wether it's worth it to pop over to view his latest find. Here's what he found:

Okay, I admit it was kind of funny the first time I saw it.  It took me a couple of seconds to catch on.  BUT then he started on in his usual methodic mode by playing it again and again.  And because he was shaking hard and laughing loud, my son had to come see what all the commotion was about.
This is something that will go right over my son's head so I wasn't too worried.   Except now all I hear is this stupid 'mow the lawn' song around my house.  First becau…