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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

If you could add words to this (I know I'm breaking the rules), what caption would you add? I think I'll start naming my Wednesday pics...Words On Wednesdays. W.O.W. hmmm notice a pattern: WornOutWoman. :)

I'd insert, "But I already have a boyfriend!"

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Having 'that' talk!

I got to spend some quality time with my son today. He didn't have school, and his care giver had a doctor's appointment. The result? A longer than normal morning spent with my son before my work day started. That is the luxury of my job.

I get to arrange my schedule around my life...instead of the other way around. Praise God for that flexibility!

Today however was most unusual. When my son was 2 to 3 years old, he went through a phase of modeling himself after me. From what I understand all boys want to be just like both parents, and try certain behaviors out. It's normal in finding their own way in the world.

Part of that phase, was to get those little tissue packets and carry them around with him. Those were his "pads" and he would tuck tissues in the waist band of his shorts. I was short of shocked. It was funny but not so funny that I was laughing all that hard.

Other moms have reassured me that their sons went through the same things at that age, except their son's were wearing their shoes and clothes. My son has never shown interest in wearing my clothes, but I think this was just as silly. It's been about a year since he's looked at small tissue packets as his pads.

Since being sick, I ran out of my boxed tissues. So this morning I broke out one of those infamous tissue packets. He saw it and exclaimed, "Mom! You found my pads!"

He took them and stuck a tissue in his underwear's waist band. I simply said, "Honey you're so silly. You know boys don't wear pads! Only girls do."

...Okay I opened myself up for this one....

He responded with..."Mom-why do girls wear pads?"

Ummm...okay. Totally NOT prepared to have 'that' talk at four years old. I couldn't think of a simple brushed off answer. I wasn't too quick on my feet.

So I responded with the only thing I could. "Well, honey. When girls get older...their bodies go through changes. And once in a while they wear them because they have to."

"What kind of changes?"

"Well...their hormones change and their bodies get prepared to have babies. AND the rest you'll learn about when you're older!!!" (grimace)

So he sat and thought about it for 2 seconds, then cocked his little head. I heard him say, "POP!"

"Pop what?" I wasn't sure what he was referring to.

"Well I have my pad on...and a baby just popped out of my belly. It's right there on the floor!"

"Honey...you know only girl's have babies?"

"Mom!" (As he rolls his eyes) "You know thats only pretend!"

All day he pretended to care for his little baby girl, named Sally, who pooped and peed all day. It was actually pretty sweet. He wants a baby sister so bad, so this was his way of having a baby for the day. However, when his daddy gets home tonight I'm going to suggest some serious male bonding time!

I hope I don't have to follow up on any conversations like that for years to come.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A full day

Yesterday was packed full of activity. My son had his first soccer game of the fall season, and I had my first gig with my new photography business.

If you read me regularly, you'll know I never put my son's face or information on my blogs. So I only shot his legs on this one to post. He assisted in 6 goals yesterday. Pretty good for his first game of the season. He's improved so much since Spring. He was more aggressive in getting the ball away and dribbling down to the goal. When he lost footing, his little team mates where right there to get the ball and score! Good job guys!

A friend asked me to shoot at the Oklahoma State Fair motorcross races. It was a smaller venue so it was a good introduction to racing. With the pee-wee division, I got to be on the track to catch the riders as they came down the 'whoopsies' or over the hills. So I hope I got some pictures he'll be happy with.

As soon soccer was finished I scurried my little behind home, to download my shots from his game to my computer. Then rushed down to the fair grounds in time to shoot the practice rounds before the races started. I took pricing with me in case any other parents inquired if I was hire, which of course I would be! :) I ended up shooting about 4 other kids, which was a bonus.

This week, I meet with my web designer to get the framework built for my photography's site. I have plenty of other photos from different events in the last few years to download, but none I accepted payment for. I didn't want the website to be strictly hobby photography. So now I can start my website with paid work. This race was perfect timing.

Once I get parent's permission to post some racing photo's, I'll put a couple of them up on here.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sleep Incentive

Thank the Lord my son has been sleeping through the night for about a week! This is the longest he's ever gone, without waking up and constantly needing me for something. He's even known to pick up the monitor and talk directly into it, to call me if I don't hear him from down the hall.

It's getting me to the point that I feel desperate enough to verbally persuade him to sleep by making anything up to get him to sleep. The problem is: I am never one to manipulate or twist things around. I consider myself very honest. In fact I cringe when my husband throws around the promise of "Santa" starting this time of year. It's not that I think letting a child believe in Santa is harmful. It's just that I think if you go too far in promoting this idea of Santa, that at some point when kids outgrow the idea and learn that it's a ruse...they will feel lied too. I don't want my son to think, "Well what else did they lie to me about?"

I grew up believing Santa...I think. I mean I knew there was a Santa, but don't remember when I stopped believing or how I found out. Maybe I was so traumatized that I blocked it out! :)

Well, I jumped on the Santa bandwagon 7 days ago. If you've read previous posts, you'll know how much my son loves to play the drums. So my husband said one day last week, "Hey! Maybe that's something Santa can bring you." Seeing my son's excitement was all I needed to know that we were going to have to buy a child's drum set for Christmas.

After 3 weeks of no sleep and such anxiety of the prospect of never getting sleep again, I finally broke. My son and I were doing our bed time routine, and he said, "Mommy, please stay in here with me. I hate being alone."
I responded with, "Do you want to be a big boy?"
"Well, drum sets are for big boys, and Santa (cringe) won't bring you one if you don't start sleeping through the night."
"Okay mom, I'll really try."

I stayed with him, to sing his lullaby, and when he fell asleep...I tucked his covers and made my way to my own room. Well that was 7 nights ago....and he's slept ever since.

IN fact, tonight, feeling under the weather from a cold, I layed on the floor next to him while I sang his lullaby. I didn't want to get too close to give him germs. He popped out of bed, to rub my back...and started singing 'me' a lullaby. He's so sweet. I didn't want to ruin that sweet memory, so I waited till he was finished and asked him to get back in his bed. He said, "Oh don't you worry mommy! I'll sleep through the night!"

Hallelujah...I'm sleeping for the first time in 5 years! Thank you LORD! A lot of you new readers have asked why I call myself 'wornoutwoman'....this is why. I never slept, worked full time, and still put in full time mommy time. Now that I'm sleeping, I may change my moniker to: notsowornoutwoman!

Friday, September 07, 2007

No drooling please

My son goes through phases on when and if he wants to do his bed time prayers. Most nights I do them, and then he'll get a wild hair and decide it's his turn. His reason? Because I take "toooo" long!

I usually go through and thank Jesus for all our special family and friends. Thank you for both Nana's...thank you for Aunts Cheri and Kathy....etc

Now when he prays he gets straight to the heart of it because apparently I'm too wordy. Here's his normal prayer when he chooses to lead us:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for all my people! Please put Jesus in all bad stranger's hearts. And thank you for Abayasenga (our child in Africa, we sponsor) and for helping up sleep through the night! Amen!"

I can't help but smile and the 'all my people' part, because he doesn't like that I list out 10 different people at a time. It's mostly in effort to get him sleepy, but also to remind him to be thankful for those in our lives that we love.

Last night he changed his prayer up a bit. We'd visited our favorite restaurant for dinner last night, where the owner sat and visited with us while her new baby girl was in her lap. He kept asking me why babies had to drool!
"What's wrong with baby's mouth's mom that they drool?"

I reminded him that he used to do that as well...all babies do. He continued to ask why, and I explained to him about teething.

Last night he prayed:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for all my people! Please give us a baby any day now...tomorrow or the next day. Please give me a baby sister, only don't let her drool! No drooling on my stuff or mommy's stuff or daddy's. PLEASE don't let it drool on any of our stuff. Thank you! Amen!"

It was the funniest prayer I've ever heard. He's such a sweet kid and desperately wants a sibling, but apparently not at the cost of drooling!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

rat a tat tat

My son and I were watching a little TV tonight, when my husband came home with a surprise for him. He had stopped by to get himself a new pair of drumsticks for his band, and bought my son his own kid sized pair.

Currently they're both in the living room and all I hear is rat tap tap tap....bang bang bang. My husband is teaching my son how to keep a beat in succession of different drum rolls. I'm pretty impressed how awesome my son is doing.

Two weeks ago after my husband was cleaning up the stage, after he and his group were done playing, my little boy ran up to him to check out his drum set. I turned to talk to some friends and the next thing I heard was a very cool drum set. I thought my husband was teaching my son a little about the drums, by doing a drum roll. I turned to watch, and it was my little boy on the drums...making his own sounds! Wow! Were we all surprised to watch my little one up there putting his own beats down, sounding like a real drummer.

Now he's in the living room, refusing to get ready for bed, because QUOTE "I'm playing till midnight after everyone goes to sleep!"

Great...I have a teenager on my hands already!

Good night all!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Worn Out 'Man'

This weekend kicks off a lot of things most notably is the end of summer. Kids are back in school, the leaves will start turning, and football season is upon us!

Thousands of men and women across the country will trek to their stadiums, or safely cheer from their couch, and pursue the football spirit for yet another season. My husband, one of those who faithfully never misses a game, has season tickets to OU games. Today is their first game, which he coincidentally has to work at. He's the promotions director, for a local company in town, which has event in Norman at every home game. So not only does he have to get down there extremely early, but then he'll stay the whole game and then fight the traffic for the long drive home.

Each year I feel like a football widow. This year that's going to intensify with his new responsibilities on game days. Although I also cheer my teams on, OU and the Washington Redskins, I'm definitely not one of those who has to chant and cheer on sight.

My sister and husband attend every OU game and love it. I think it's great how much they enjoy it. I just feel that my son doesn't get enough parent time as it is since his mom and dad both have to work full time, so I'm not going to sacrifice my time with him when I can watch it on TV.

I really hope my husband can get his work schedule under control a little more. Lately he's been putting in about 15 hour days, and it's an office job, where everyone else works from 7 - 6pm. I think he's quickly becoming the wornoutman.