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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

rat a tat tat

My son and I were watching a little TV tonight, when my husband came home with a surprise for him. He had stopped by to get himself a new pair of drumsticks for his band, and bought my son his own kid sized pair.

Currently they're both in the living room and all I hear is rat tap tap tap....bang bang bang. My husband is teaching my son how to keep a beat in succession of different drum rolls. I'm pretty impressed how awesome my son is doing.

Two weeks ago after my husband was cleaning up the stage, after he and his group were done playing, my little boy ran up to him to check out his drum set. I turned to talk to some friends and the next thing I heard was a very cool drum set. I thought my husband was teaching my son a little about the drums, by doing a drum roll. I turned to watch, and it was my little boy on the drums...making his own sounds! Wow! Were we all surprised to watch my little one up there putting his own beats down, sounding like a real drummer.

Now he's in the living room, refusing to get ready for bed, because QUOTE "I'm playing till midnight after everyone goes to sleep!"

Great...I have a teenager on my hands already!

Good night all!
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