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As I sit ...

Music from 'Farm Story' softly plays in the background, while my son plays - and I work on my photos for my latest client.  (Ok ... so I am taking a few minutes to blog - but I'm still working)

I recently stepped down as Asst. Manager at the boutique (store shall remain un-named) at the mall.  I just kept turning down photo jobs, as my store Manager couldn't let me off for every job I was hired or potentially hired for.  I realized I wasn't doing her any good asking off all the time, and the j.o.b wasn't really helping us out that much as far as revenue.

The realization hit when telling my son yet one more time that I wouldn't be home for another bed time because I had to close my store, but that I'd see him in the morning.

He looked to me with sad eyes and asked, "Mom, why don't you just stop working so hard and work smarter?"

Then the next week a friend dropped by with what I thought was a note.  We hadn't talked or seen each other i…