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Thursday, October 21, 2010

As I sit ...

Music from 'Farm Story' softly plays in the background, while my son plays - and I work on my photos for my latest client.  (Ok ... so I am taking a few minutes to blog - but I'm still working)

I recently stepped down as Asst. Manager at the boutique (store shall remain un-named) at the mall.  I just kept turning down photo jobs, as my store Manager couldn't let me off for every job I was hired or potentially hired for.  I realized I wasn't doing her any good asking off all the time, and the j.o.b wasn't really helping us out that much as far as revenue.

The realization hit when telling my son yet one more time that I wouldn't be home for another bed time because I had to close my store, but that I'd see him in the morning.

He looked to me with sad eyes and asked, "Mom, why don't you just stop working so hard and work smarter?"

Then the next week a friend dropped by with what I thought was a note.  We hadn't talked or seen each other in a while.  She said she was just thinking about me and had something for me.  I'm blessed with some very sweet friends.

Inside wasn't a note ... it was money.

 ... Just so you know ... I don't ever take charity. 

And as I told her, "We're making it okay.  I don't need this. I can't take it."

Her response was, "We were going to tithe this and God woke me up in the middle of the night.  He layed your name on my heart and told me to drive over to bring it specifically to YOU.  Pray about it Kim.  It's not from me - but from God.  You can't turn away his gifts."

OKAY so that's a heavy load dropped in my lap.  I can't turn away his gifts.  I'm not supposed to turn on God in any way.

And yet I work every Sunday - I don't see my family - All of this due to my mall schedule.  Isn't this also turning my back on my spiritual responsiblities?

So my husband and I prayed.  And you know what the Lord told me?

Ever so gently he whispered ...

"Kim, if I can provide for you in such a direct way ... in this way through other people.  Why would you doubt that I can take care of your every possible need?"

So the decision was made.  We kept His gift for future needs.  And I made the call to leave my j.o.b that kept me from being there for two of the most important things in my life, my God & my family. 

So as I sit and I hear this simple music playing from my son's game, I have huge peace.  I'm actually at home working on my first love - being with my family and working on my passion, pictures and writing.

Another friend contacted me a few weeks ago, and asked me to work with her.  She owns a marketing and promotions company, and needs help running it as it's growing too fast for her to do all by herself.  So now not only have I been slammed with photo work, as God is following through with his promise to provide - but I'm also working a second revenue stream.  Every little bit helps and now as I promised my son - I'm working smarter.

Here's a pic from my latest shoot.  A very talented actress hired me to take her headshots.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Have a great time.  It's time to go play UNO with my boy.  And then ... we may just go ride bikes. 

God is good ... all. the. time.