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Baby no more

Forever I'll love you...forever my baby you'll be.  This is something I used to read to my son, from a book from his shelf.

I've always told him...'no matter how old you get, you'll always be my baby.'

And he is my baby ... however this summer many changes took place. He grew up overnight and grew about 3 inches.  All of the sudden my little guy isn't so little anymore.

On the first day of school, he instructed me that I could walk him in on the first day but from there on afterwards - I was to drop him off at the curb ... 'because he was a man now and he didn't need his mom to walk him in'

Sigh ...

So as he's now 8 and a half years old, I'm seeing the young man he's growing into.  He's matured in so many ways, and it's time for him to grow up.  It's time for those apron strings to be cut in some ways.  It's with such bittersweet emotion that I let go of his hand and let him walk free from the shadow of the little bab…