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Monday, November 21, 2011

Have a Little Faith ...

Once in a while, you get one of those feel good spiritually uplifting moments and you can feel God's arms wrap around you and your heart. It's as if you can almost feel His presence right inside you, reminding you of his love. Well what I'm getting ready to tell you about is also one of those feel good, uplifting projects that will give you goosebumps.

You all know I'm a fan of Hallmark anything - and it's not just because I've met Brad Moore, the President of Hallmark Films. It's also because of the quality of films they put out. When I hear of anything new of theirs, I grab my tissue box and get ready for a wonderfully uplifting tear-jerker. My husband makes fun of me everytime!

Well lets face it ... he makes fun of me a lot. I cry at Extreme Home Makeover. I cry at a military USAA commercial, with the scene where the troops finally come home and rush into the arms of their loved ones. I cry at most emotionally uplifting moments on TV. And I'm sure Mitch Albom's new project Have a Little Faith will be no different.

You may remember Mitch Albom from his book and film, Tuesdays With Morrie.

Well if you've not heard of his work before - listen up because Have a Little Faith will blow you away. You can see the trailer here.

I can't wait to read the book and see the film. And in a few days I will have some books of his to give away to anyone here that is interested. Contact me in the comment section or via email @ kimberlymckayauthor@gmail.com if you'd like to be considered.

Oh! And make sure you have a box of tissues on hand!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Angel Giveaways

So recently I blogged about Roma Downey's new DVD series HERE.

To recap, Ms. Roma formerly known as Monica on 'Touched by an Angel' has released an amazing children's series that not only stimulates your pre-schooler's mind with art, humor,numbers, music, and creative aspects - but also with Biblical truths and foundations.

I've got a few giveaways that Roma has graciously sent me for anyone here that would be interested. For those that read, link me to your blog and mention Roma's new series. I'll be checking my stats and will be counting how many hits come from your blog. The bloggers with the most hits will receive one of her very cute and entertaining DVDs.

I promise your little pre-schooler will love love love watching as much as my 8 year old will deny loving it too.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Is this a great state or What???

So right about now I'm wondering how the Oklahoma Tourism Department is going to entice anyone to visit our state. Their slogan, Is this a great state or what?, isn't quite the right fit for us after 2011.

Somehow I don't think this year would make anyone think 'Yeah! I'm going to Oklahoma!' In fact most of us who live here and love it, are seriously thinking about why we love it so much. After experiencing this year, I've caught myself looking to skies to watch for swarms of locusts or the second coming. LOL.

If you've been anywhere near a TV you may have seen that Oklahoma has been in the news. The national reports have shown 2011 as being the record breaking year for Oklahoma's weather. We've set records with the strongest earthquakes in state records, the longest drought, the hottest summer, the most tornadoes, the biggest blizzard, the most rain and flooding. All in one year!

Sheesh! And it's not like it's been quiet leading up to this year. Just two years ago one side of my house and roof was totaled in a massive hail shown here. I did not shoot the vid shown at that link, as we were all huddled in our closet as the end of our house was riddled with holes and windows were demolished. But that link/vid will give you a visual of the kind of hail we sustained.

Recently I met one of my cousins, who is getting ready to graduate from the University of Oklahoma's School of Meteorology. Kevin is an up and coming storm chaser, who has really good timing and great talent. In fact he is the only one who who shot the Joplin, MO tornado footage live, which he's since sold worldwide for different networks to use in their broadcasts.

Kevin was out with his crew yesterday chasing the outbreak of Oklahoma tornadoes that hit. He got some impressive footage that I thought I'd share with you. You can see the video at his Basehunters account on YOUTUBE.

If you're interested in his footage of any storm he's shot, you can find all his videos at this link.

So ... all you wandering travelers - if you've ever thought of coming to visit the great state of Oklahoma, I'd say wait till tornado season is over, which apparently now runs into November. Then I'd say get here before the snow and ice hit...wait that will start in November. Okay come during the summers, if you don't mind a heat index of 120 degrees. Just bring lots of water, as we may run out! And just in case of some freak storm, bring a camera. You'll make the news!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Little Angels - Amazing Series for Pre-School Aged Children

As a parent, I'm always on the look out for hidden dangers that I should shield my son from. Things that would or could damage his sense of self or purpose. The media is one outlet I've been very careful with, as my son has matured.

KLOVE is usually on where we're in the car. When it comes to movies and television, we're very selective in what we watch. That being said we've not put him in a bubble. He's aware of the good and bad things that happen in this world, but we've just done what we can to keep his innocence around as long as possible.

Most of the kids in today's world are growing up too fast, and I want better for my child.

Have I been on my soapbox enough here? All this is leading to a point, I promise.

I recently became aware of Roma Downey's newest project, 'Little Angels' and was so happy to see someone of her caliber promote such a worthy series. You may remember Ms. Downey from her work as 'Monica' on Touched by an Angel, a popular television series.

Little Angels
is an animated DVD series that promotes Biblical truths as well as educational applications. Your pre-school aged children will not only learn the basic building blocks of letters, numbers, & animals, but they will get to delve into exciting Bible stories in the process.

The premise is about 8 little angels, which are painted on a ceiling, coming to life to watch over two children, Alex and Zoe. They not only watch over Alex and Zoe but they bring the children a whole new view and understanding of what goes on around them and how God fits into it.

The angels teach Alex and Zoe to be responsible, have self control, and encourage good behavior. 'Little Angels' brings imagination, music, humor and art into the equation to make learning fun.

My son, who's now 8, rolled his eyes when he saw what I was watching (he's too big for baby stuff). However he kept sneaking around the corner to watch. These little angels and their humor sucked him into their world, and before I knew it he was also laughing at their jokes. As I turned to look over my shoulder, he'd pretend to not watch and turn away. I counted ... my son came in 5 times to sneak a peek at this DVD. You know it has to be good if it can captivate such a big kid!

How exciting that there is something available that will be expanding our children's spiritual knowledge as well as their educational base... And how refreshing that this will be stimulating their minds with Bible foundations. I only wish I had access to this series for my child a few years ago. I can only imagine the conversations that will come from your child watching 'Little Angels'. It's not just a great learning tool, but a wonderful communication tool for you as a parent.

Roma Downey does a wonderful job producing this series. She's bringing the message of God's love to our children in a creative and captivating way. I highly encourage you to visit her website for the DVD series.