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New Books to Release This Year

It's interesting to see a story evolve and characters grow, as one writes a book.  In writing my third book, Coming Home, I have grown leaps and bounds as an author.  I've been stretched and refined, which I think will result in wonderful things for this book.

Initially, my intent was to weave a great storyline around Anne La Sal, a character from my first two books, Finding Kylie & Facing Redemption.  In both books, she is the ever supportive best friend who is developed more in Facing Redemption to garner the character to withstand her own story.

Coming Home was originally going to be a dual story line about Anne and her estranged sister Grace, however I started to fall in love with Grace's character so much that I decided to give her a stand alone book, hence ... Saving Grace.

That being said I've got two books releasing this year .... Coming Home & Saving Grace.  They will release at the time so that readers do not have to wait to finish their family saga.