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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Apple a Day ...

Usually when your doctor calls you it's for one of three things:

1) You're due for you appt or missed it.
2) You owe them money.
3) The test results came back and it's not good.

Even with the above list, I don't think I can ever remember my doctor(s) calling me on my cell in the last 10 years.  So imagine my surprise when I get a voice mail from Sharon, my doctor's nurse, a few weeks ago.  I turned up the volume on my phone to make sure I took in every word of her message, because this had to be important stuff for them to initiate a call to me.

Imagine my surprise - even bigger this time - in that her message was not medically related at all!  Now what in the world would Sharon or my fav doc need so desperately that they're trying to track me down?

Well - they wanted books!  And not just any book...mine.  I laughed at her message which in short said 'that the copy of Finding Kylie I'd given doctor was in the patient waiting room, where many women had started it but couldn't finish due to their appointments.'  Sharon, my nurse, asked me to bring multiple copies up to the office for patients to buy!

I was not expecting that.  Over the last few weeks, I've meant to get by but my schedule has been slammed between my full time job, my photography company, and my family.  I've not had a free second.

However after 2 more calls from Sharon, as more patients wanted books, I promised to come by this week.

Today I stopped in, apologetically for not being there sooner.  Sharon genuinely smiled and pulled out a check in exchange for the books.  She was too happy to have her copies in hand.

Basically women have been calling her asking for them repeatedly.  It is the strangest thing I've ever heard of - in that my doctor is now my book pimp.  And even weirder I left with a check from my doctor - not a check from his patients.  Now when do you leave the office with money from your doctor?

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hide

With movie production these days - one is easily entertained but most story lines don't make you think.   The majority of popular flicks are just too easy to follow & predict. 

In a small minority of the film industry, you find that rare treasure that gives you intrigue, tense on the edge of your seat entertainment, and a complete twist of what your perception of the film's plot is.  Going in to most films, I already have the development, plot, climax, and ending usually mapped out in my mind - and for the most part I'm right on target.  It's rare that a film not only surprises me, but surpasses my expectations.

'The Hide' did just that ... It is brilliantly written! I normally do not go for films that are dark.  It's just not my thing, although I've seen a handful and the ones that don't go too far over the edge for my liking.

I have to say 'The Hide' although promises to be dark, is so ingeniously written that you're too caught up in the story line to notice.  You're taken there and part of the story.  And the dark overtones aren't so harsh that I wasn't able to bear them.  However do not take this film lightly because the twisted and macabre nature of character Roy Tunt will take your mind for a spin.  

This film is all it's cracked up to be.  It has won many awards, from multiple film festivals across the world, in the U.S. and Europe.  John Schwab, the film producer, did a exemplary job taking these characters and film and developing them into a masterful piece of entertainment.

This is a must see!  You can pre-order it now on Amazon at this link.  If you're a film buff - and like intrigue, suspense, and surprise - you will love love love this film.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Girl Power

It starts early ... the pressure to be popular.  Lately that's been the theme around my house.

I cut my hair off shorter than my son would like and the response is: "Mom you know I love you the most - but you've lost some popularity points with me until you grow that back." 

And today when I had to discipline him - I heard it again.

BUT I'm not trying to be his friend and just a friend, like the cool parents in today's world.  You see I care about how my son turns out and if that means being the bad guy - then so be it.

Today we worked on respect for his parents.  Lately he's had a smart mouth on him which needs to be handled before he turns into one of those Disney teen characters on TV (which is why we don't watch those shows).

After he'd been banned in his room for a short period and we'd had our talk about why he was punished, he crawled onto my back and hugged neck from behind.  He cuddled ever so sweetly and said, "You know you just lost about 10 popularity points with me."

"Really?  Well guess what?"  I asked.  "I really don't care.  Being popular with you isn't my goal.  Teaching you manners and respect is.  So popular or not - if it happens again ... you'll be punished."

"Well then I'm going to cuddle my dog!"  He laughed and let go of my neck to wrap his arms around our little puppy, who had curled up behind me.

In an instant, our puppy let out a huge growl as if she was about to attack.  Keep in mind this is a very docile dog, who never gets aggressive.

My son's eyes grew wide and backed up.  He very quickly replied, "Well Jewel ... you just lost about 50 popularity points with me!"

All I could do is laugh.  Girl power!  It was almost as if she could understand our conversation and that was her way to back me up.

I grabbed my son and hugged him.  And it was nice to end it with a little laughter.