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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Apple a Day ...

Usually when your doctor calls you it's for one of three things:

1) You're due for you appt or missed it.
2) You owe them money.
3) The test results came back and it's not good.

Even with the above list, I don't think I can ever remember my doctor(s) calling me on my cell in the last 10 years.  So imagine my surprise when I get a voice mail from Sharon, my doctor's nurse, a few weeks ago.  I turned up the volume on my phone to make sure I took in every word of her message, because this had to be important stuff for them to initiate a call to me.

Imagine my surprise - even bigger this time - in that her message was not medically related at all!  Now what in the world would Sharon or my fav doc need so desperately that they're trying to track me down?

Well - they wanted books!  And not just any book...mine.  I laughed at her message which in short said 'that the copy of Finding Kylie I'd given doctor was in the patient waiting room, where many women had started it but couldn't finish due to their appointments.'  Sharon, my nurse, asked me to bring multiple copies up to the office for patients to buy!

I was not expecting that.  Over the last few weeks, I've meant to get by but my schedule has been slammed between my full time job, my photography company, and my family.  I've not had a free second.

However after 2 more calls from Sharon, as more patients wanted books, I promised to come by this week.

Today I stopped in, apologetically for not being there sooner.  Sharon genuinely smiled and pulled out a check in exchange for the books.  She was too happy to have her copies in hand.

Basically women have been calling her asking for them repeatedly.  It is the strangest thing I've ever heard of - in that my doctor is now my book pimp.  And even weirder I left with a check from my doctor - not a check from his patients.  Now when do you leave the office with money from your doctor?

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