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Ok guys. Found a cool site to promote anything you're feeling, up to, or down with. Go here to check it out. It's in the beta stages, but links all your feeds and looks to be a really cool service!

Still in love...

This week my husband and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary. Who knew 9 years could fly by so fast? And it's gonna be 10 before I can blink an eye!

Wednesday, we ate a romantic meal by the lake, at of our favorite spots. We enjoyed every bite as we enjoyed eachother's company. I was good and had one perfect margarita...and then was bad and had a huge dessert!

Afterwards we walked down by the lake, sat on a bench and relaxed while the sun went down. Sigh! This was the best anniversary yet! And that's something considering last year we spent our 8th in Maui...but that was for someone else's wedding and we were surrounded by people the whole time. This year it was just US.

On our ten I'm thinking romantic weekend trip somewhere. So I'm open for suggestions. Can you think of somewhere romantic but not over the top expensive? I'd like to go to Hershey, PA and get a chocolate bath. So please leave me comments on your suggestions for next yea…


So you have to know my mother to truly appreciate this one.  She's a God fearing lady who everyone perceives as very prim and proper.  She is very proper but also has a fun personality with a quick wit.  She always has a gem of wisdom to drop on you whenever a subject pops up.   She's an all around homemaker, who is an expert in all things home - raising children, baking, cooking, gardening, decorating etc.  She's also a true artist and is a very talented one too!
This woman has one of the biggest hearts and doesn't have a perverse bone in her body.  That being said she's not one to use foul language.  I think THE ONLY time I've heard her curse was when I started driving, and I pulled out in front of a fast oncoming car.  Something big popped out of her mouth, to both of our surprise and it sent me into laughing fits.
A couple of weeks ago, I dropped my son off so I could work for a few hours.  As I sit in her perfectly arranged and pristine home, I noticed that …

A healthy home = A healthy mind?

How many times in life do we need to perge? What about make something right?

It seems even the simplest of things can make our minds and bodies feel so much better. I don't know about you but I'm lazy about certain things in life.

I will work hard at my job and my family, and when the rest comes to the plate - I feel worn thin. So my house will be cleaned sporadically and my yard goes in spurts. I can't balance it all.

They say a sign of a healthy mind is when you're able to get up and make your bed every day. Do you notice when you do get your bed made, how good and refreshed you feel?
 If you are anything like me - I'll cheat a little. I pull up the covers but won't completely make it every day. BUT when I do, making it feels good.  And I find that I have energy to do more around my home.

Is anyone else like this or just me?

Today I finally perged my back garden of all the daunting monstrous weeds and tilled the 'hard as clay' dirt. I've neglect…