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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Revelations ...

When looking for a certain pen for T the other tonight, I pulled open a desk drawer as the whiff of waxy crayons met me - instantly taking me back to his younger years. It hit me that he's not used a crayon in forever and I'd forgotten how long it had been until just then.

Each year I feel that time slips through my fingers like water.  And it really hits home when I see a photo of my child from when he still had his little baby face, or when I open up a drawer to find the familiar scent of a past-time he's grown out of ... like coloring.

Although I loved the stages he went through as a little boy, I am enjoying this stage in his life the most.  This 'tween' of mine - although going through the normal growing pains - is full of life.  He is still tender hearted - but doesn't put up with things that aren't right.  He is a fighter while still being kind - and I for one love that he has struck that balance in life.

So, I'm sad to see the crayons go ... but I love seeing how he's grown into so many more interesting things.

I love being his mom.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Holy Smokes - The Mike Mitchener Story

Do you ever wonder about Heaven? If so, I highly encourage you to watch this testimony from Mike Mitchener. To give you an overview of what this video will share ... Mike's heart stopped 4 times one Sept 11, 2014 - and his widow maker heart attack had complications that were mind blowing. What's more spell-binding is how God's perfecting timing and will wound around him, giving him the opportunity for healing, survival, and one heck of an experience in heaven before bringing him back to life.

This is about 30 minutes but is a MUST WATCH!