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Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Babe

My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this past summer.  Since today is his birthday, I thought I'd post a few things about him that make my heart smile.

  • Anytime I'm grouchy or in a bad mood - he always finds ways to make me laugh.  
  • He always drops whatever he has going on to spend time with our son, even if he's pressed with a million deadlines at work.
  • Anytime anyone needs anything - help moving, an extra hand, an ear - he's the first in line.
  • His heart is so tender.  He is a man of faith, who understands that life is short and a gift.
  • When he can beat our neighbors outside on the weekend, he mows and edges their yards along with ours.  He's that guy - the one to work on your yard.
  • He's the last to tell anyone about something he's done - because he's humble.
  • And he's always got a song lyric or song to go along with any conversation.  
In short, life is never ever boring with this guy.  And I'm so blessed that God saved him for me.  I know it's his birthday today, but he's my gift every day.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bar Fight Anyone?

The things my kid comes up with amaze me on a daily basis.  His little mind spins with humorous quips and quirks.  

Today (after church) he pulled me aside and said in the most funny voice, "Hey, mom! Want to know a really good line for when you get in a bar fight?"

I'm thinking - just when does he think I'll get into a bar fight? But whatever ... I'll play.  So I say, "Um, sure."

He then held up his fists and took a defensive pose, and said, "I'm gonna knock your Bud Lights out!"

I cracked up, to which he said, "Yeah, I know. Right?  My brain comes up with the most interesting things."

All I could think of was that might have come in handy in my 20's. Hopefully, in my 40's, I won't need his comically sage advice. 

Have a great day!!

Okay - Pinch Me!

In seven days, the hard read for my first book is happening! If you've not read any of my earlier blogs, the script for Finding Kylie has been funded for a hard read.  Film producer, John Schwab, and I have been trying to get to this stage for a long concentrated time  - but the stars hadn't aligned until recently.

A nationally renowned drama department has agreed to work with us to do the hard read so that we may see the fruits of our work on stage versus just on paper.  This will allow us to see what truly works 'off the page' and what needs to be tweaked before talking to investors and hitting the film markets.

On the 24th, at 2 p.m. CST, I'll be in a theater with a cast, a set director, and director to watch 'Finding Kylie' dramatically unfold.  I've tried not to think about it as I'm not usually the type to really start getting the jitters until right before an event.  To get ramped up days in advance is just going to draw your attention from the present, which always is chocked full as it is.

BUT - today, I met one of the drama students, who will be there, in an off-chance meeting.  She was super excited for the opportunity and couldn't wait for next week.  It hit me then - that this is bigger than I originally thought.

These young actors have their SAG memberships with many projects under their belts, but are still fresh faces, ready to take on new projects to learn and grow as actors.  They're going to learn a lot about the development of script behind the scenes.  I am honored and blessed to give them the chance to be a part of the beginning stages of a project that could make a definite impact on society.

Alright - I'm done for now.  Just pray for this project if you're led to.  I have a definite sense of peace and after today - it's going to be hard to clamp down my excitement over the next seven days.

Have an AWESOME Sunday!!!