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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bar Fight Anyone?

The things my kid comes up with amaze me on a daily basis.  His little mind spins with humorous quips and quirks.  

Today (after church) he pulled me aside and said in the most funny voice, "Hey, mom! Want to know a really good line for when you get in a bar fight?"

I'm thinking - just when does he think I'll get into a bar fight? But whatever ... I'll play.  So I say, "Um, sure."

He then held up his fists and took a defensive pose, and said, "I'm gonna knock your Bud Lights out!"

I cracked up, to which he said, "Yeah, I know. Right?  My brain comes up with the most interesting things."

All I could think of was that might have come in handy in my 20's. Hopefully, in my 40's, I won't need his comically sage advice. 

Have a great day!!

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