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Saturday, April 02, 2011

A very long journey

During the process of writing 'Finding Kylie' I got a lot of rejection letters.  No one wants to look at you unless your a well known name.  No one wants to read anything you send no matter if it's in the correct format or not.  So you jump through hoops to keep submitting in the perfect forms per each agency or pub house, and in the end you get a form letter telling you 'Even though you've got great talent - you're just not right for our organization.'

--I didn't even look at what you send but I did file it in the trash ... right after my assistant looked at the return address to be able to address this form letter.

I was encouraged at each rejection letter - as that meant that was one more time I was closer to my 'yes'.  I've saved each one.  So that when I have my own name in the industry, I can politely write them back and say thank you for the amazing encouragement.  And I mean that last statement with utmost sincerity!  I do!  Because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have kept going!

Most, when the get rejected 3 to 10 times, decide that if no one believes them then it wasn't the right path for them.  Not me ... I took each rejection with joy because it means to me that it's helping me gain more energy for success.  My multiple rejections only mean that I'm going to be blessed that much greater for listening - not to those in the industry - but to my God, who tells me I'm right on target.

Finally a small but legitimate publishing house took me on and published Finding Kylie in October 2008.  When the book first came out, I knew it was meant to touch others.  I always said it didn't matter if I made 20 dollars off it - it only it impacted others.  And I still feel that way!  I truly only care that this storyline makes the reader stop, think, and appreciate their lives and how much God loves them through thick and thin.

'Finding Kylie' is not a Christian book, but it definitely has a Christian message at the end.  And if it touches one person, than I've done my job.   I know I can walk through the pearly gates, and feel that I've done something for the kingdom.

Within a month, I got an email from a film producer in London who wanted to make the book into a screenplay.  He warned me that it was a very long process but he wanted to partner with me to convert the book into a screenplay. 

long process ... hmmmm.  Okay 2 years?  I could appreciate that.  No, he meant a LLOOOONG process.  So here we are 4 years later and within a week I'll have a finished product in hand.  I'm super excited to see what it brings. 

Big changes are getting ready to happen peeps.