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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rocking Blogger Girly Award....I love anything pink!

Terri Terri Quite Contrary who is one of my favorite blogging queens gave me the very special gift of the "The Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award"!

Since I love reading her daily, it's an honor to receive this from her.
She always has a crazy spin on something and her quirky sense of humor has me bent over sideways in laughter.

She wrote:
Worn Out Woman A wonderful mom with a heart of gold and an inspiring faith in God.

Okay Terri....**I'm blushing**...thank you very much!

My intent with this page was to give everyone a laugh from time to time, but mainly to inspire those women who feel overwhelmed. Most out there can't imagine ever having any energy again. You know the moms, who work full-time and slave to their families to boot. The ones who are so drained that they've lost their sight of what they want for themselves. It's only about everyone else.

I wanted a page that would let them know how inspiring life can be, even when pulled in 100 different directions. Getting burnt out is okay...just take life one step at a time. If you don't look or yearn to be so far in the future...and live 'in the moment', life can be pretty beautiful. I live the beauty of tired mommies life on purpose. Each day is full of purpose to give thanks for everything I have...even the struggles. God helps me through it all, and I want to encourage every mom out there to do the same!

Who do I lovingly bestow this award to? Well that's pretty easy:

A Not So Desperate Housewife A beautiful wife and mother whose blog inspires me daily that someone can have it all.

Mama Lyn's Flava A sassy bogging chick whose sight I can't get enough of.

Sky Windows A thoughtful touching heart who has so much to give to the world and her family.

If you've been tagged...place this pretty in pink badge on your site and scream at the tops of your lungs----WAHOO!

Then post your blog and bestow it to others that you feel inspire you!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Back from Savannah

I got home Thursday morning after 2:00 a.m. and was never so glad to touch the ground. Although my trip was awesome, after 4 days I was ready to see my family. Plus...with all the storms we were delayed in Cincinnati for over 4 hours. I was pooped!

Savannah was one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been in. The architecture and design were amazing. The history was powerful. The soul of the city was enveloping!

My co-worker and I stayed at 'The Mansion at Forsythe Park' in the heart of Savannah, across from Forsythe Park. The picture of our 4 star room is above. It was totally girly in hot pink and white. It was a very artistic hotel which had THE most heavenly beds I've ever slept in.

We had a lot of solo time during the day, which led us to Tybee Beach or napping/shopping. I haven't napped since my son was 2! It was awesome!

At night we had dinner and cocktails with others that flew in for the board of directors meeting. Sarah, my co-worker, and I hung out with about 35 others...mingling and having the best time.

As a group, we took a historic tour via bus through the city. It took us through the squares that are set all throughout historic downtown, and throughout the riverside area. The tour director pointed out all the famous homes, and gave great historic commentary but she kept giving too much personal information. I didn't really care how many private parties she held in each house.

Other than that...the tour was the most amazing experience. I plan on watching 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' now...just to see the sights again. If you've never been you could pop it in....or watch 'Forrest Gump' with Tom Hanks or 'Something to Talk About' with Julia Roberts. Those were two other films that showcased some beautiful scenery from Savannah. I loved that city and want to take my family back to visit some day.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Home on the range

I'm home and bushed. I walked for two days in my heels in the rain, and drove over 500 miles. I got a lot accomplished for work, and am glad I went. The best part was visiting family nearby.

I loved spending the night at my grandparents home. I hadn't been there since my grandfather's death in 2000. That town holds so many haunting memories for me that it had always been hard to even think about returning. It was good to visit my grandmother and get some closure on that chapter in my life as well. It was healing on so many levels.

The drive between multiple towns was extremely relaxing. I took many photographs which you can see on my flicker site, but I'll post a few for fun. The only sad part was all the flooding. Oklahoma has had a lot...I mean a loooot of rain, so driving held a lot of areas that were under water. Thankfully the highway I was on was over some of the newly formed lakes that settled onto low ground.

I took lots of pictures of my dad's home town so I can scrapbook them. Some day those will much more of a treasure. I will post more at a later date....very tired and need sleep. My grandmother's grandfather clock donged through mid night, right outside my room, and kept me up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shower time humor

Before I go on my trip, I will leave you with this quick witted humor. Of course my son is always serious, but I always find him so funny. I'm biased like all parents.

Last night, my son was taking his shower. I detached the shower spray to hold and shower himself off with. I let him stand in there on his own for a while to gain more independence, but I always stay within earshot just in case.

As I heard him singing, I asked if he was doing okay. My husband walked in and whispered, "You'll never guess what he's in there doing!" I raised an eyebrow in wait and he laughed, "He's got the shower head turned toward his chest, and he told me that he was giving Jesus a drink because Jesus was thirsty!"

I shook my head...there my son goes again. Thinking so literally. Of course the water should be shooting at his heart....because Jesus lives there!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Working woman

The next couple of weeks are gonna be crazy. For all the momma time I get, I eventually have to burn the midnight oil. There's a new program my company is promoting and Oklahoma it the beta territory. And I'm on the team of sales reps that the whole nation is looking to....to see how it tracks.

This week I get to drive 3 hours from home, to cold call small towns out in rural OK. The good part about this...I plan on staying the night with my grandmother. She lives out in B.F.E. and I haven't been to her two horse town since the death of my grandfather, in 2000. The bad part is that I'm taking two whole days away from my family.

It will go quick and I'll be home before I know it. Then I get to pack for a 4 day trip to Georgia for an all expense paid trip for work. Two of us were chosen to participate in an annual event, that will basically be socializing, lots of food, and cocktails. The good part is quite obvious.....HELLO. I've not had any ME time for years. Well except last summer's road trip to South Beach, Florida, for my sister's 40th birthday. This will be 4 long days of complete ME time. I will definitely miss my son and husband, but I deserve some time to relax and indulge. Even the food and rental car is all paid for. That's too awesome to pass up!

If I don't post much next week, I think you'll know what I'll be doing. Kickin' back with my favorite co-worker, and eating, drinking, being merry.

Hershey's Big Adventure

Thank the Lord for His continued blessings. My husband was out until after 1 a.m. this morning, putting up 13 huge signs and scavenging the entire area with a flash light. I had to force him to come home and get some rest.

I just kept praying, "Lord please give Hershey's guardian angel strength, so they he might lead our doggie home. I know he's probably crashed in someone's hallway some where, snoring, while I'm here worrying. So I give it over to you and I know you'll take good care of Hershey." I let go of it after mid night and tried calling my adorable and worried better half, to give him the same peace I felt. About an hour later, we both we in bed ready for the phone to start ringing the next day.

My son whimpered through his sleep, obviously upset from the whole ordeal. And I kept praying in my sleep, "Lord if you could please hold off on the rain until Hershey's home, so that all those signs wouldn't get wet...and the ink wouldn't run."

At 6:40 a.m. our phone rang for the first time, and we both bolted out of our sleep. My husband grabbed for his cell and his side of the conversation was music to my ears. Our old dog, wandered into a neighbor's garage a block and a half away, where he stayed the night. They offered to bring him home to us.

We jumped up and started getting our shoes on, as the phone rang a second time. Another neighbor saw a sign and said she had a Hershey sighting on her street as well. She told us she played ball with him for a few minutes. She said he was too sweet not to have an owner who was looking for him, so she told us she said a prayer for him and his safe return home. What a sweet feeling that was to hear her comforting words. As he was on the phone with the second neighbor, I heard my son, through the monitor, giggling in his sleep. It was as if he sense the sigh of relief we were feeling.

Many of my blog friends gave me comforting words, so thank you to all of you who responded so kindly. One sent me the sweetest message:

"Awe...bless your sweet little heart...You are not absurd at all..I have a 7lb Yorkiepoo that drives me nuts, but is my little loyal buddy and I would just be devasted if he went missing! He is so little that from time to time he slips out of the slats in my fence and everytime I find him out front, my heart does a flip flop..

I will lift your buddy up in prayer right now!

Father, we come to you with what would seem the smallest of request to many.. Hersey has wandered from home Lord and his owner is heartbroken...Lord guide his steps and bring him home safely to his family. We know Lord that what seems silly to most you count as all important because its close to our hearts. You know how many hairs are on our head, every detail. So we know Lord that you can return him, no problem.

We thank you Lord for caring for everything that brings us joy and happiness and we come to you believing in results very soon...We pray this in your son Jesus' name! Amen.

Sweety...He will be back..get some sleep and you will see!

Keep us posted!"

Hershey is happily home and exhausted from his big adventure. He's out cold in our hallway, sleeping peacefully. My son hugged him so tightly when he woke up. All is good in our home. Thank you Jesus for bringing our family pet home safe and with speed.

Thank you to all of you who lifted him up in prayer. I know losing a pet is nothing like the loss that thousands of families feel, when they lose a child. So I don't even try to compare them...because it's not. I have a little boy and it would be ten times worse. This just proved to me how much of a basket case I would be if anything happened to my baby. Thankfully it was just my beloved pet, and all of us are home safe.

PS...it just now started thundering. Looks like the rain held off!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My best friend is missing

I write this in utter sadness. My side kick, the one thing I could always count on....is missing! My 13 year old chocolate lab, Hershey, was let out of my yard tonight after I left home.

6:00 CST or any time after, someone opened our gate and let out my loyal companion. Here it is almost mid night and he's not anywhere to be found. Hershey is obviously very old, but can't get half a block without panting and straining. He usually has to turn back home, because he is too tired to go any further.

Currently his fur is shaved short for the summer. So he looks like a grey hound with brown fur, instead of a chocolate lab. He would never make it past my nieghbor's house with out turning back for my porch. He would NEVER not come home. He also needs his medication or he will get really sick.

We drove three neighborhoods, and I saw no signs of any animals in the road. No one claimed to see him. We called for hours with no response. It's like someone opened our gate and .... took him.

My son learned his first lesson in sadness and fear tonight. He'd never seen him mommy sob. I really tried to fake it....you know....tell him that Hershey went to the neighbor's for a sleep over. But I couldn't hold it in very well. My son kept wiping my face with a towel to catch my tears.

Hershey is the most sensitive animal you've ever met. When I was sick, he broke out in hot spots. He was truly empathetic to anything I went through. When I was stressed or heart broken, he'd simply lay his head in my lap and lick my face when I cried.

I am scared that something bad has happened. My husband just made 13 poster signs to nail to all the street lights with in a mile's radius. Tomorrow I will call the pound, and check with the local vets.

I know with all the children that go missing, that this post is absolutely absurd. But he was and is my best friend, and I'm scared. Please pray for my dog, that he returns safely home.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Interactive Participation Needed Please

Hey all,

I'm doing a little market research for a project and need your opinion on how you personally would handle this situation. It is not a real situation, but it relates to a project I'm working on. So think of it as a real situation as it applies to you, then please tell me how you would respond. If I don't provide an answer that would suitably fit you, respond with your own choice.

Imagine that you've been with out knowing your father your whole life. He is an unknown, someone your mother never would talk about. This biological link to your life, is a void in your heart. In fact, you've been told he was dead.

Secondly imagine, upon going through some items in a trunk or an attic you find clues to your heritage and evidence that your father is alive.

You immediately research this new family tree, as it's what you've been missing your whole life. You find out that your father is not the ideal father figure you'd always hoped he'd be. In fact, you learn that he was someone, who at one point, hurt your mother in the worst way.

Upon more digging, you find letters written to you from your dad. He had tried to make contact at some point in your life, but your mother kept the letters from you.

Would you:

A) Wait to read the letter, not knowing how you feel about your father, but eventually open it hope that your biological dad had grown up and probably changed for the better.

B) Write return to sender and wash your hands of him, like your mother did.

C) Immediately open them, curious to see what he was like no matter what the consequences.

D) Burn the letters, and never give it a second thought.

I realize this is not the usual post I put on here....but it would help me if you could give your input. Thank you to you all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thank you to my Guardian Angel!

I met my mother, son, and sister for lunch today at Panera Bread. It's a treat I don't get to do very often, so I reveled in spending time with my son during the day when I'm on a lunch break from work. I usually like to look around and people watch whenever we are out. It's the military brat in me too-knowing where everyone is, where the closest exit is, and taking in my surroundings.

Today I noticed a few familiar faces at the table next to me, and smiled. My mother greeted them as well, so I figured they were from our church. I also noticed another woman, eating solo, at the next table over. She was focused on praying over her food, with her hands folded at the table. It was touching! It was a glimpse of God's work even at a busy lunch.

After we made our way through our meal and almost through, my son started sucking on the very oversized ice cubes in his cup. I've told him many a time..not to suck on ice, unless it's Sonic ice, because it's a choking hazard. The ice at Panera would be a choking hazard for an adult, let alone a four year old. They really shouldn't serve ice that big. After warning him to spit it out, which he did, the next thing I noticed was him popping another piece in his mouth. I told him to spit it out immediately, and then he sucked it too hard which resulted in it being lodged in his airway.

He was across the table from me, and he face was turning bright red. He couldn't breathe, so my first reaction was to put my finger in his mouth to sweep the airway clear. There was nothing to pull out. Then I pulled him forward to bring his abdomen toward the table top, to try pushing anything lodged up and out. That didn't work, so I did the next thing and yelled for anyone who may know CPR.

The dutiful prayer warrior, from a couple tables over, ran over grabbed my son and leaned over him to preform the Heimlich. He thankfully had a minorly obstructed airway, which allowed a minute amount of air through. That was probably due to the ice melting. He still had a little air to breathe. The ice cube never came up, so it must have made it's way down. Whatever she did helped and I thank God she was there. He suffered from the fright of it all, and spit up some from the pressure on his abdomen, but otherwise bounced back really quickly.

Our Guardian Angel left Panera without incident. I was so focused on trying to calm my child into knowing that he was okay, I didn't even get to thank that wonderful woman who saved him. First and foremost...Thank you to God for putting a qualified person with in feet of us, when we needed help. Thank you to my mystery angel who reacted quickly and saved my son. And thank all of you out there that help those in distress every day.

A side note the table next to us, that held two familiar faces, were from my church. It was actually my pastor's wife and daughter. I didn't recognize them outside the church...out of the area where I would expect them to be. The reason I found out was because my social son, after calming down and bouncing back, went right over to them first thing to explain to them what had just happened. He wanted to give them a blow by blow detailed account of his experience. That's my boy...wanting to connect with the human race...just like his momma!

Although I had a few minutes of fright, it was just a warm reminder of God's love. It was as if He was telling me that He's always there. The Christian woman, praying for her meal, saves my son. The pastor's family at the table right next to us. And then EMSA arriving for a lunch break after it was all over. It was clear that He was sending me a clear message that He was in control and protecting us. Some days I wish I could give Him a big hug, just like I gave my son. One day I'm sure I will.

Monday, June 11, 2007

An airplane expert

This weekend while I was layed up with bed rest, my husband took my son to the air show, where he got his first glimpse of the Blue Angels. My husband tried to imitate my son's facial expressions to show me the wild wonder he had in his eyes. Apparently my little guy was in awe of the wonder of flight -- and of the pilots that did all the fancy rolls and turns.

After five hours I got to wondering....are they ever going to come home? So I finally called my husband. Maybe if I could have been up and around doing chores, I wouldn't have been so desperate for company. However, I wasn't mobile and had enough TV to last me a lifetime.

My husband put my son on the phone. My son, who wants to be a race car driver when he grows up, started talking so fast I had to ask him to slow down. I asked him all sorts of questions like, did you have fun....what was your favorite part...yada yada yada.

He blurts out..."Hey mom! Did you know they had AWAX planes at the show too?"
I replied with, "Wow...ya know they fly over our house once in a while. You'll be able to recognize them now...they're the ones with the big disks on them."

A pause and the a response from the airplane expert:
"Um, mom. It's called a satellite dish!"

Okay four year old wonder....excuse me while I burst my stomach from laughter. I wonder if he changed his mind about being the next Jeff Gordan to being the next TOP GUN!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Overdue Me Time

MommysGetAway recently posted a blog on her hobbies, and didn't necessarily turn it into a meme or a repost, but I thought I'd link to her page anyway. Hobbies? Hmmmm? When do I really have time for them?

I have to admit the older my son gets, the more time I do have to partake in a few of my hobbies...but that's still few and far between. However with my back being out of whack for the last 4 days, I've had more than my share of free time. I couldn't however get myself out of my comfy chair or bed to spend time doing what I'd really like doing--I was left to watch more than enough TV to last a life time. I'm so sick of TV!

If I'd been more mobile I would have:

** Loved to read a good book. I usually can read 2 of the big hard backed books in a day. Love them!

** Driven through the more rural areas just to shoot pictures.

** Written more of my manuscript and/or started the conversion to screen play.

** Gone out with the girls for a margarita and a little dancing the night away!

These are just things for me! I could list a few favorites that included my son....but that I get to do every day. This was to point out things that I'd like to do just for me!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Quick Update

I’m amazed that I can type at all at this moment. I just wanted to give you all a quick update in case you all don’t see any new posts for a couple of days. My back, shoulders, and neck are tight as a pair of spandex biker shorts. The only reason I’m sitting up and typing is b/c of the wonderful muscle relaxers I was prescribed.

If you don’t see any new posts for a couple of days…don’t be alarmed. I will be back up and running (no pun intended) as soon as I can. Please keep me in your prayers….Thank you!

Monday, June 04, 2007

a marriage proposal

My sister has been dating a wonderful guy for about 9 months, who happens to have an adorable son, Jack (name changed). My darling little boy just came to the realization that my sister and her boyfriend aren't married, and the adorable son in this scenario isn't his cousin. Of course, I ask, "Jack is nine! If he were your cousin....where has he been for the last four years of your life?"

Then the next question I got was...(we'll call my sister's boyfriend Jude) "Well, then if Jude is married to Jack's mom then how come he hangs out with my Aunt?"

So we went over family dynamics and how some couples don't stay together, like Jude and his ex-wife....while still reassuring him that his daddy and I love each other very much and wouldn't break up! It's a whole lot for a four year old to process.

A few nights ago...he pulled out a real doozy while my sister and her boyfriend, Jude were at my house.

"Hey Jude...where's your ex-wife?" He paused while Jude stuttered. Before Jude could respond, my son continued, "We need to find you a wife! You need to get married to my aunt! When will you have another child?"

Of course we all laugh it off, but my son grills 'Jude' on his life and future with my sister. The whole time, I'm wanting to dig a hole in the ground and crawl in. I explain to my boy that there are some things you just don't ask people, and to leave 'Jude' to his own business.

Right...that didn't work! He wanted answers to his urgent questions. Not too much longer they made their way to dinner as they had dinner plans, but I am sure they felt the heat of the interrogation! He just wasn't letting go of the need to find Jude a suitable arrangement. He was and is very concerned that Jude doesn't have a wife, and the my sister isn't married to him yet.

Today he brought up marriage and husbands/wives again. He asked where my 'husband' was. I told him my husband...his daddy was at work.

Then I said, "you know...when you're about 30--you'll be a husband one day too. BUT you need to pick a nice girl for a wife...a good Christian girl who'll be good to you."

"Yeah...not a bad stranger!" (He's also concerned about good and bad strangers lately)

"Mmmhmmm, not a bad girl but a nice one!"

"Nope, I only want you mommy! I'll be your husband....I don't need anyone else!"

"I think you'll change your mind when you're older. There will plenty of nice girls to choose from."

"Nope, I only want you. I will wait for you mommy!"

My heart melted knowing all little boys love their mommies and can't imagine life without them. He continued to tell me how much he loved me and he would marry me one day.

I chuckled and said, "Okay sweetie...it's a deal...and I'll remind you of this when you're old enough!"

(Yeah to embarrass him when he's getting serious with some other girl!)

Friday, June 01, 2007

The hard lesson my son learned yesterday

Little boys are always infatuated by what (to put it bluntly) hangs between their legs. They're constantly playing with it, or learning new ways to pee with it. My son likes to pee in my mothers lawn, much to her horror. We're trying to break him of that. It's funny...I've spent years breaking dogs of peeing indoors, now I'm reminding him that it's not nice to pee outdoors in Nana's lawn.

Needless to say, little boys at this age are trying to figure out what makes them unique and different from girls. They see the obvious differences...long hair vs short, attracted to dolls vs trucks, soft spoken vs loud boy noises.
But the most frequent question I get when it comes to body parts is: "Mommy, how come you don't stand up to go pee?"
My answer: "Because boys have pee pee's and girls dont."

Lately he's on to bigger and better questions about things like strangers, or heaven, but yesterday he learned a hard lesson about protecting himself. He was coasting on his scooter that he got for Christmas. He has progressed so much with his speed and agility on it, and hasn't fallen once. At least not hard anyways. Yesterday he was showing off how long he could coast on one foot, while his other was in the air. He turned a corner and pow, he fell down. The scooter landed right in his crotch, which immediately put him in tears.

My little boy had his first rack of his life and was amazed at the pain. Poor little guy. I felt so bad for him, but I couldn't bare to tell him that this would be one of many times he'd be injured here...especially if he continues to love sports the way he does.

After he calmed down, his first question was, "Why did Jesus and God make that thing so soft and loose? It's just gonna get hurt!" I about lost it! When his dad came home they had a discussion on how boys are different, and this was part of it. He told him about cups and how they would protect him in different sports. My four year old seemed to like that idea a lot!