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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shower time humor

Before I go on my trip, I will leave you with this quick witted humor. Of course my son is always serious, but I always find him so funny. I'm biased like all parents.

Last night, my son was taking his shower. I detached the shower spray to hold and shower himself off with. I let him stand in there on his own for a while to gain more independence, but I always stay within earshot just in case.

As I heard him singing, I asked if he was doing okay. My husband walked in and whispered, "You'll never guess what he's in there doing!" I raised an eyebrow in wait and he laughed, "He's got the shower head turned toward his chest, and he told me that he was giving Jesus a drink because Jesus was thirsty!"

I shook my head...there my son goes again. Thinking so literally. Of course the water should be shooting at his heart....because Jesus lives there!
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