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I'm getting a lot of creative and funny pictures submitted for my picture challenge I submitted a couple weeks ago. It's amazing to see what my blogger buddies and readers are coming up with.

I think the coolest aspect of putting a book out there is the response you receive from readers, who are completely touched and in awe of what you wrote. Now that may change if I started getting a back lash of some sort (knock on wood that I don't). BUT the comments and reviews have humbled me and completely made this process worthwhile.

What's amazing me most are the comments or reviews from men! I don't necessarily consider Finding Kylie chick lit, but I knew it would be catered more toward the female demographic. Little did I know that men of all ages, as there have been some in their 80's and 20's, have thoroughly enjoyed this story too.

One of the more recent reviews, from a guy no less, I'll post here. I copied this from Amazon and pasted below:

"A to…

Literally funny

So everytime my son and I drive by our housing edition, he reads it's sign and tells me to turn in. Today, after I picked him up from school, we passed our housing area on the way to the grocery store. He pointed to our street and told me where I was supposed to turn to go home.

First I'm amazed that he knew his surroundings so well...well enough to know where we were supposed to be going to get home.

After packing up our groceries, buckling up, and driving off - I thought I'd make sure I'd acknowledge our turn in this time. Right before I turned I said, "Hey do you what what I'm turning into?"

I thought I'd get something like this -- "Yeah, our neighborhood."

Nope --- I got (with a smirk no less):

"A roooobot!"

"You're turning into a robot mommy!"

His little infectious giggle did me in and we laughed all the way home.

I hope you get a giggle out of that today!

I need your photos please -- for Finding Kylie

I've got a project for 'Finding Kylie' that I need your help with. I need ALL of you, who have the book, to take your picture with the book and email it to me. I am in the process of making a photo collage so that I can create a poster for my office. I'm doing it to give me inspiration while I'm writing the sequel.

So if you've got a copy of 'Finding Kylie' -snap a pic and email me at:
If you don't have a copy -- get your own, read it, and take a pic.

I want to see how creative you can be!! Take a pic in front of some city monument with your book up close and personal -- make sure you're in it too!! Take it in the bathroom or at the office - I don't care. Just have fun with it and send it in!

I look forward to receiving them. And if you're needing to know where you can find on the 'Finding Kylie' button on my side bar. It's the direct link to Amazon. If you'd rather get it a…

Puppy Love

I've been looking for all kinds of pictures to post at my facebook account, as all sorts of friends are finding me and me them. It's amazing how many different types of friends you find, and some you wish you didn't. Just kidding...

Although don't get your feelings hurt if you're a blog land friend, and I don't add you. I strictly use facebook for real life in person friends only to protect my privacy and my family's.

Here is one picture I ran across, from the fourth grade. It is from my 2 year relationship (HA!) in grade school. We went out for all of fourth and fifth grade, and were a hot item. Yeah, whatever that means. I think he pinched me on the butt a couple times, we held hands, and open mouthed kissed by the end of fifth grade. We mainly just hung out, and though each other were cute. BUT OH we were in love and had to have buttons made to say so! HA!

Have a great laugh at those shots up there, and have a great day!