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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Puppy Love

I've been looking for all kinds of pictures to post at my facebook account, as all sorts of friends are finding me and me them. It's amazing how many different types of friends you find, and some you wish you didn't. Just kidding...

Although don't get your feelings hurt if you're a blog land friend, and I don't add you. I strictly use facebook for real life in person friends only to protect my privacy and my family's.

Here is one picture I ran across, from the fourth grade. It is from my 2 year relationship (HA!) in grade school. We went out for all of fourth and fifth grade, and were a hot item. Yeah, whatever that means. I think he pinched me on the butt a couple times, we held hands, and open mouthed kissed by the end of fifth grade. We mainly just hung out, and though each other were cute. BUT OH we were in love and had to have buttons made to say so! HA!

Have a great laugh at those shots up there, and have a great day!

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