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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Home on the range

I'm home and bushed. I walked for two days in my heels in the rain, and drove over 500 miles. I got a lot accomplished for work, and am glad I went. The best part was visiting family nearby.

I loved spending the night at my grandparents home. I hadn't been there since my grandfather's death in 2000. That town holds so many haunting memories for me that it had always been hard to even think about returning. It was good to visit my grandmother and get some closure on that chapter in my life as well. It was healing on so many levels.

The drive between multiple towns was extremely relaxing. I took many photographs which you can see on my flicker site, but I'll post a few for fun. The only sad part was all the flooding. Oklahoma has had a lot...I mean a loooot of rain, so driving held a lot of areas that were under water. Thankfully the highway I was on was over some of the newly formed lakes that settled onto low ground.

I took lots of pictures of my dad's home town so I can scrapbook them. Some day those will much more of a treasure. I will post more at a later date....very tired and need sleep. My grandmother's grandfather clock donged through mid night, right outside my room, and kept me up.
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