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Monday, June 11, 2007

An airplane expert

This weekend while I was layed up with bed rest, my husband took my son to the air show, where he got his first glimpse of the Blue Angels. My husband tried to imitate my son's facial expressions to show me the wild wonder he had in his eyes. Apparently my little guy was in awe of the wonder of flight -- and of the pilots that did all the fancy rolls and turns.

After five hours I got to wondering....are they ever going to come home? So I finally called my husband. Maybe if I could have been up and around doing chores, I wouldn't have been so desperate for company. However, I wasn't mobile and had enough TV to last me a lifetime.

My husband put my son on the phone. My son, who wants to be a race car driver when he grows up, started talking so fast I had to ask him to slow down. I asked him all sorts of questions like, did you have fun....what was your favorite part...yada yada yada.

He blurts out..."Hey mom! Did you know they had AWAX planes at the show too?"
I replied with, "Wow...ya know they fly over our house once in a while. You'll be able to recognize them now...they're the ones with the big disks on them."

A pause and the a response from the airplane expert:
"Um, mom. It's called a satellite dish!"

Okay four year old wonder....excuse me while I burst my stomach from laughter. I wonder if he changed his mind about being the next Jeff Gordan to being the next TOP GUN!
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