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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Interactive Participation Needed Please

Hey all,

I'm doing a little market research for a project and need your opinion on how you personally would handle this situation. It is not a real situation, but it relates to a project I'm working on. So think of it as a real situation as it applies to you, then please tell me how you would respond. If I don't provide an answer that would suitably fit you, respond with your own choice.

Imagine that you've been with out knowing your father your whole life. He is an unknown, someone your mother never would talk about. This biological link to your life, is a void in your heart. In fact, you've been told he was dead.

Secondly imagine, upon going through some items in a trunk or an attic you find clues to your heritage and evidence that your father is alive.

You immediately research this new family tree, as it's what you've been missing your whole life. You find out that your father is not the ideal father figure you'd always hoped he'd be. In fact, you learn that he was someone, who at one point, hurt your mother in the worst way.

Upon more digging, you find letters written to you from your dad. He had tried to make contact at some point in your life, but your mother kept the letters from you.

Would you:

A) Wait to read the letter, not knowing how you feel about your father, but eventually open it hope that your biological dad had grown up and probably changed for the better.

B) Write return to sender and wash your hands of him, like your mother did.

C) Immediately open them, curious to see what he was like no matter what the consequences.

D) Burn the letters, and never give it a second thought.

I realize this is not the usual post I put on here....but it would help me if you could give your input. Thank you to you all!
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