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Friday, June 01, 2007

The hard lesson my son learned yesterday

Little boys are always infatuated by what (to put it bluntly) hangs between their legs. They're constantly playing with it, or learning new ways to pee with it. My son likes to pee in my mothers lawn, much to her horror. We're trying to break him of that. It's funny...I've spent years breaking dogs of peeing indoors, now I'm reminding him that it's not nice to pee outdoors in Nana's lawn.

Needless to say, little boys at this age are trying to figure out what makes them unique and different from girls. They see the obvious differences...long hair vs short, attracted to dolls vs trucks, soft spoken vs loud boy noises.
But the most frequent question I get when it comes to body parts is: "Mommy, how come you don't stand up to go pee?"
My answer: "Because boys have pee pee's and girls dont."

Lately he's on to bigger and better questions about things like strangers, or heaven, but yesterday he learned a hard lesson about protecting himself. He was coasting on his scooter that he got for Christmas. He has progressed so much with his speed and agility on it, and hasn't fallen once. At least not hard anyways. Yesterday he was showing off how long he could coast on one foot, while his other was in the air. He turned a corner and pow, he fell down. The scooter landed right in his crotch, which immediately put him in tears.

My little boy had his first rack of his life and was amazed at the pain. Poor little guy. I felt so bad for him, but I couldn't bare to tell him that this would be one of many times he'd be injured here...especially if he continues to love sports the way he does.

After he calmed down, his first question was, "Why did Jesus and God make that thing so soft and loose? It's just gonna get hurt!" I about lost it! When his dad came home they had a discussion on how boys are different, and this was part of it. He told him about cups and how they would protect him in different sports. My four year old seemed to like that idea a lot!
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