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Monday, June 04, 2007

a marriage proposal

My sister has been dating a wonderful guy for about 9 months, who happens to have an adorable son, Jack (name changed). My darling little boy just came to the realization that my sister and her boyfriend aren't married, and the adorable son in this scenario isn't his cousin. Of course, I ask, "Jack is nine! If he were your cousin....where has he been for the last four years of your life?"

Then the next question I got was...(we'll call my sister's boyfriend Jude) "Well, then if Jude is married to Jack's mom then how come he hangs out with my Aunt?"

So we went over family dynamics and how some couples don't stay together, like Jude and his ex-wife....while still reassuring him that his daddy and I love each other very much and wouldn't break up! It's a whole lot for a four year old to process.

A few nights ago...he pulled out a real doozy while my sister and her boyfriend, Jude were at my house.

"Hey Jude...where's your ex-wife?" He paused while Jude stuttered. Before Jude could respond, my son continued, "We need to find you a wife! You need to get married to my aunt! When will you have another child?"

Of course we all laugh it off, but my son grills 'Jude' on his life and future with my sister. The whole time, I'm wanting to dig a hole in the ground and crawl in. I explain to my boy that there are some things you just don't ask people, and to leave 'Jude' to his own business.

Right...that didn't work! He wanted answers to his urgent questions. Not too much longer they made their way to dinner as they had dinner plans, but I am sure they felt the heat of the interrogation! He just wasn't letting go of the need to find Jude a suitable arrangement. He was and is very concerned that Jude doesn't have a wife, and the my sister isn't married to him yet.

Today he brought up marriage and husbands/wives again. He asked where my 'husband' was. I told him my husband...his daddy was at work.

Then I said, "you know...when you're about 30--you'll be a husband one day too. BUT you need to pick a nice girl for a wife...a good Christian girl who'll be good to you."

"Yeah...not a bad stranger!" (He's also concerned about good and bad strangers lately)

"Mmmhmmm, not a bad girl but a nice one!"

"Nope, I only want you mommy! I'll be your husband....I don't need anyone else!"

"I think you'll change your mind when you're older. There will plenty of nice girls to choose from."

"Nope, I only want you. I will wait for you mommy!"

My heart melted knowing all little boys love their mommies and can't imagine life without them. He continued to tell me how much he loved me and he would marry me one day.

I chuckled and said, "Okay sweetie...it's a deal...and I'll remind you of this when you're old enough!"

(Yeah to embarrass him when he's getting serious with some other girl!)
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