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Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's called a S-T-O-P sign for a reason people!

You guessed it. That's my poor little Passat up there smashed in. At 3:30 CST a 20 year old kid, driving an O'rielly's Auto Parts truck, wasn't smart enough to read those red octagonal signs that instruct you to stop. Wait let me say that louder, STOP!

Today I was hit by a kid who couldn't read or follow basic traffic law. I'm drained and I want to go to sleep. I'm sure it's all the adrenaline that's now left my system, which is leaving me feeling so tired.

The thing that amazed me was how cavalier this kid was. He could have cared less than he hit me. He made it seem like it was my fault that he pulled out from a stop sign and ran into the side of my car. How stupid does he think the police officer was? There was no damage to the front of my car, so when he said, "She came out of no where!" it wasn't a likely story. Especially when it was clear the he had run into my passenger door and scraped up the side of my car.

My husband, my white knight in shining armor, which was a gun metal grey VW, rode to my assistance. The huge blessings I received today:

**That young 'could care less' kid drove away with a huge fat ticket! Cha-ching!

**My dealership gave me a loaner for a couple of days till I get my rental.

**My back is hurt...but nothing is broken.

**I got some quality one on one time with my hubbie. We ate Mexican food until the tow truck picked up my poor Passat, and I drank a margarita that tasted like Lysol. (Yes it was a little hole in the wall, but it was a date with my husband and I enjoyed every minute of it....even if I drank Lysol sip by sip.)
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