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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feelin' good

So most of you that read my daily blessings site know that I'm a fan of counting my blessings...hence my button on my site here reminding everyone to do so. It also clicks through to my site by the way.

Any way...I was talking to my blog pal Terri via cell yesterday. I call on her and Tam from time to time just to see how they're doing.

We usually check in from time to time to catch up with one another. Yesterday I was finally at a point where I could share a huge huge praise. Lately God has been abundantly blessing my family and it just feels good to bask in it. I'll post my good news on Friday at Daily Blessings.

I try to find good things in every situation, but it's nice for once to not to have to look to find them. They're finding me! Thank you Lord. A few of the little things this week that have been uplifting:

Yesterday was my son's last day of Pre-K. I walked him in as my mom video taped us. He kept smiling and saying, "After today I'm gonna be a Kindergartener." (Did I spell that right?)

Tonight I'm going to the gym, that my hubbie and I just joined, to see my new trainer, who I have 3 appointments with. I couldn't afford any more time with a trainer than that, but that's okay. The place we joined is so amazing. It reminds me of an athletic club my parents joined when I was a kid, when we lived in Montgomery. It's very family oriented with something for everyone.

The weather is amazing today as well...plus my boss is out of town until Tuesday. What's not to love??

Now...if anyone can give me any pointers on how to handle a sass mouthed five year old my world would be golden! Any ideas? And what is it about five that leads sweet little babies into arguing rebellious kids??
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