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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Revelations ...

When looking for a certain pen for T the other tonight, I pulled open a desk drawer as the whiff of waxy crayons met me - instantly taking me back to his younger years. It hit me that he's not used a crayon in forever and I'd forgotten how long it had been until just then.

Each year I feel that time slips through my fingers like water.  And it really hits home when I see a photo of my child from when he still had his little baby face, or when I open up a drawer to find the familiar scent of a past-time he's grown out of ... like coloring.

Although I loved the stages he went through as a little boy, I am enjoying this stage in his life the most.  This 'tween' of mine - although going through the normal growing pains - is full of life.  He is still tender hearted - but doesn't put up with things that aren't right.  He is a fighter while still being kind - and I for one love that he has struck that balance in life.

So, I'm sad to see the crayons go ... but I love seeing how he's grown into so many more interesting things.

I love being his mom.
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