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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hide

With movie production these days - one is easily entertained but most story lines don't make you think.   The majority of popular flicks are just too easy to follow & predict. 

In a small minority of the film industry, you find that rare treasure that gives you intrigue, tense on the edge of your seat entertainment, and a complete twist of what your perception of the film's plot is.  Going in to most films, I already have the development, plot, climax, and ending usually mapped out in my mind - and for the most part I'm right on target.  It's rare that a film not only surprises me, but surpasses my expectations.

'The Hide' did just that ... It is brilliantly written! I normally do not go for films that are dark.  It's just not my thing, although I've seen a handful and the ones that don't go too far over the edge for my liking.

I have to say 'The Hide' although promises to be dark, is so ingeniously written that you're too caught up in the story line to notice.  You're taken there and part of the story.  And the dark overtones aren't so harsh that I wasn't able to bear them.  However do not take this film lightly because the twisted and macabre nature of character Roy Tunt will take your mind for a spin.  

This film is all it's cracked up to be.  It has won many awards, from multiple film festivals across the world, in the U.S. and Europe.  John Schwab, the film producer, did a exemplary job taking these characters and film and developing them into a masterful piece of entertainment.

This is a must see!  You can pre-order it now on Amazon at this link.  If you're a film buff - and like intrigue, suspense, and surprise - you will love love love this film.

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