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Sunday, September 16, 2007

A full day

Yesterday was packed full of activity. My son had his first soccer game of the fall season, and I had my first gig with my new photography business.

If you read me regularly, you'll know I never put my son's face or information on my blogs. So I only shot his legs on this one to post. He assisted in 6 goals yesterday. Pretty good for his first game of the season. He's improved so much since Spring. He was more aggressive in getting the ball away and dribbling down to the goal. When he lost footing, his little team mates where right there to get the ball and score! Good job guys!

A friend asked me to shoot at the Oklahoma State Fair motorcross races. It was a smaller venue so it was a good introduction to racing. With the pee-wee division, I got to be on the track to catch the riders as they came down the 'whoopsies' or over the hills. So I hope I got some pictures he'll be happy with.

As soon soccer was finished I scurried my little behind home, to download my shots from his game to my computer. Then rushed down to the fair grounds in time to shoot the practice rounds before the races started. I took pricing with me in case any other parents inquired if I was hire, which of course I would be! :) I ended up shooting about 4 other kids, which was a bonus.

This week, I meet with my web designer to get the framework built for my photography's site. I have plenty of other photos from different events in the last few years to download, but none I accepted payment for. I didn't want the website to be strictly hobby photography. So now I can start my website with paid work. This race was perfect timing.

Once I get parent's permission to post some racing photo's, I'll put a couple of them up on here.
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