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Friday, September 07, 2007

No drooling please

My son goes through phases on when and if he wants to do his bed time prayers. Most nights I do them, and then he'll get a wild hair and decide it's his turn. His reason? Because I take "toooo" long!

I usually go through and thank Jesus for all our special family and friends. Thank you for both Nana's...thank you for Aunts Cheri and Kathy....etc

Now when he prays he gets straight to the heart of it because apparently I'm too wordy. Here's his normal prayer when he chooses to lead us:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for all my people! Please put Jesus in all bad stranger's hearts. And thank you for Abayasenga (our child in Africa, we sponsor) and for helping up sleep through the night! Amen!"

I can't help but smile and the 'all my people' part, because he doesn't like that I list out 10 different people at a time. It's mostly in effort to get him sleepy, but also to remind him to be thankful for those in our lives that we love.

Last night he changed his prayer up a bit. We'd visited our favorite restaurant for dinner last night, where the owner sat and visited with us while her new baby girl was in her lap. He kept asking me why babies had to drool!
"What's wrong with baby's mouth's mom that they drool?"

I reminded him that he used to do that as well...all babies do. He continued to ask why, and I explained to him about teething.

Last night he prayed:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for all my people! Please give us a baby any day now...tomorrow or the next day. Please give me a baby sister, only don't let her drool! No drooling on my stuff or mommy's stuff or daddy's. PLEASE don't let it drool on any of our stuff. Thank you! Amen!"

It was the funniest prayer I've ever heard. He's such a sweet kid and desperately wants a sibling, but apparently not at the cost of drooling!
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