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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Worn Out 'Man'

This weekend kicks off a lot of things most notably is the end of summer. Kids are back in school, the leaves will start turning, and football season is upon us!

Thousands of men and women across the country will trek to their stadiums, or safely cheer from their couch, and pursue the football spirit for yet another season. My husband, one of those who faithfully never misses a game, has season tickets to OU games. Today is their first game, which he coincidentally has to work at. He's the promotions director, for a local company in town, which has event in Norman at every home game. So not only does he have to get down there extremely early, but then he'll stay the whole game and then fight the traffic for the long drive home.

Each year I feel like a football widow. This year that's going to intensify with his new responsibilities on game days. Although I also cheer my teams on, OU and the Washington Redskins, I'm definitely not one of those who has to chant and cheer on sight.

My sister and husband attend every OU game and love it. I think it's great how much they enjoy it. I just feel that my son doesn't get enough parent time as it is since his mom and dad both have to work full time, so I'm not going to sacrifice my time with him when I can watch it on TV.

I really hope my husband can get his work schedule under control a little more. Lately he's been putting in about 15 hour days, and it's an office job, where everyone else works from 7 - 6pm. I think he's quickly becoming the wornoutman.
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