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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yes I'm still here..

I'm not avoiding any of you guys, I promise. It's just been busy with my son's birthday (yesterday...sigh) and work drama. Life has been in overdrive for me here in Oklahoma.

I'm taking two days off from work after a blow up between my boss and I. I need some time away to re-evaluate, re-charge, and get back in the game on Monday.

I promise I will be back this weekend with another blog post for ya, and have you at the edge of your seating giggling!

Be patient while I take a re-charge and a chill pill for a couple of days.

I promised my blogger buddy, Tam, I'd post about my son's birth and haven't even gotten to that yet. So that's to come...now that's a nail biter! Have a wonderful week you guys!

Love to you all....
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