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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Worn thin

Today I feel as if I've earned my blog name, wornoutwoman. You can read more about it here.

I'm in desperate need of sleep, but cannot complain as my husband hasn't slept since Thursday.

Today we visited the health fair and my mom and I got our glucose and cholesterol checked. I came in above average in my good levels and way below the bad levels, so I'm very healthy. Yay!

When my son saw my mom's finger pricked, he was fascinated with the whole process. The nurse gave him the band-aid to put on her finger. She called him her little doctor, and told him she'd be his nurse when he grew up. He was very impressed with himself. When it came time to prick my finger, he started crying because he couldn't stand to see me bleeding. He just teared up and pouted. It made me so sad. He's had a lot to deal with this weekend, again you'll have to read the post link up above to read more about that.

The nurse asked her little doctor if he'd like to make his mommy better by putting a band-aid on her. Of course he couldn't wait to attend to my needs, and bandaged me up quickly. Afterwards, she gave him an extra band-aid and some latex gloves for future use--for when he became a doctor.

So today, most of the day...he's had those things on giving me a check up. It's been so sweet seeing him fix whatever he feels like it broken on me. He's asked me lots of questions, but I kept dozing off! I think 2 nights of no sleep is catching up with me.

Tonight I'm taking a little sleep aid and getting some quality shut eye!
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