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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shaking my head

This post got me thinking about some doctors and their callous sense of every day life. I think sometimes they forget that just because they see things day in and day out, that the rest of us aren't quite as de-sensitized to the whole bodily process and pain thing.

It always amazes me when a doctor has a could care less attitude. Not all in the medical field are this way...let me stipulate! Most are great with bedside manner. The reason they got into the field is because they care, but some just should change professions. Like the nurses that stick my son with shots or swab his throat in a rough manner, b/c they don't take time to be careful. Those are the kind of people I'm talking about here. Thankfully I've got a great G.P. and Pediatrician that are empathetic. Now my OBGYN, although a wonderful doctor and caring to a point, is someone who is rather clueless to certain things like pain.

I know next to having a baby, there is no such thing as pain. So I can see why an OBGYN has little tolerance for most women's standard aches and even some in labor are bothersome to them. BUT the post, mentioned above, made me remember one of my last visits, other than just a check-up.

I had an in grown hair, you know where, right on the outside edge of my bikini area. Unfortunately it got infected and was about the size of a peanut. I reluctantly went to him, because I had no other recourse.

He looked it over and said, "uh-huh that's got to come out." (Well duh) He asked the nurse for a scalpel and told me to hang on. Now that didn't sound good! I thought he'd inject me with a local....NOPE.

The next thing I knew he was cutting a large slice into me. OUCheee wawa! I looked up at him with big eyes, and the next thing he said was, "Oops, that didn't take...not deep enough. I gotta go back in."

Seriously? It was joke right? The first time hurt bad enough. I asked him if he was going to deaden the area, and he politely responded, "why? that would hurt just as much as the scalpel would." The look he gave me was incredulous, and then back in he went to cut a lot deeper until I heard a pop noise.

He didn't stitch anything up but told me to soak and medicate for a couple of days. I left limping and shaking my head. This is the same doctor that didn't give me correct directions to the maternity ward, and landed me in cardiology to have my baby.

You gotta love the medical field some days...

If my brother in law or future sister in law read this they're gonna get mad at me, as one's a doctor and the other a nurse. (I apologize in advance) They're both exceptions to this post by the way. They're both caring, empathetic, and extremely competent.
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