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Monday, March 24, 2008

Dog gonit!

A few months ago my dog got out of our back yard, and was gone overnight. It was traumatizing to our whole family. We were consumed with finding him as he was 14 years old, needed his medication, & is blind as a bat. I just knew he would be hit by a car.

It was the first time my son had seen me cry...okay bawl like a baby...and he kept getting a dish rag to dry my face. It was really hard on him in a matter of different ways.

Well this morning, I left the garage door open to allow my engine to run and warm up. My chocolate lab has never run off, while in the midst of his food. And his bowl was full, so I let him out in the garage to eat. It wasn't a worry of him running b/c he'd never before. Well there's a first time for everything.

I stepped out to load up my son for school, and Hershey was M.I.A and no where to be seen. I ran down the driveway calling his name as my little boy stood by our car, distressed. "what do I do mommy? where is he? did he run off again?"

Finally I saw our old dog, 5 houses down across the street peeing as he ran off. I called his name and he stopped to look, and then took off running. I whistled to no avail. So impulsively I strapped my son in our already running rental car (the orange eye soar), and took off down the road. I caught up to Hershey at a stop sign, where he then ran across the road away from me...but stopped long enough to poop in the road. I thought "Oh crap (no pun intended)...I don't have time to come back and clean that up."

I got out to grab him mid poop, when he bolted back toward the house. Okay, I put my car in reverse and sped down the road to catch up to him. My boy squealed, "Mommy this is so fun!" His laughter made me laugh at the whole thing. Anything that makes him smile, makes me happy. Even in the middle of run away dogs pooping and ditching me.

I finally caught up to him, jumped out, grabbed his neck, and guided him to my car. We continued backward to our house, where I deposited him into our back yard. But not before my son asked, "Can we go to school with Hershey? I like this!"

It was quite an adventure for my little guy, who was bound and determined to tell his teachers that Hershey ran off again...but this time not that far. I'm sure they'll ask, "What happened?" And I'm sure he'll say, "My mom left the garage door up."
Well duh! I guess I'm going to have to start keeping that down more often now. I'm just glad I got him home in one piece.
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