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Friday, November 21, 2008

My Son's Career Path

It doesn't take much to recognize certain traits in our children from early on. My son's a born salesman. Last night at my book launch party, which went phenomenal by the way, he circulated and worked the room, asking every single person if they've bought a book by his mommy.

I even saw him dragging my mom over, when he noticed she didn't have hers yet. He pulled her across the room, made her out a ticket, and gave her a $5 bill and a nickel. It didn't matter that she hadn't bought one yet, he gave her the standard change he saw us giving out to all those that paid with a 20 dollar bill. His math and reasoning skills are very high for someone his age.

At the of the night, one man, whom I met for the first time last night said, "Hey your son signed my copy of your book."
me--"Huh? He did?"
Opening to the back page, I saw a backwards J that was crossed out ... and then a correct J next to it.
me--"What did he put that down for?"
Man--"Well he stopped by as he was working the room, and saw my copy of the book. He said 'I see you bought my mommy's book ... would you like me to sign that sir?'. I told him sure. Then he asked what my name was."
I smiled picturing the moment.
Man continues-- "When I told him my name was Jay, he did his best to sign the book with my name...hence the letter 'J'."

We all had a good laugh over it. When everyone left, most commented that I should hire him as my business manager. A few minutes later I asked him if he'd take the job. He asked what it meant to be a business manager.

After I explained it, he thought hard before replying, "How bout if I just be your employer and you can be my employee!"

Yes, my son's born go getter.

Here's few pics from last night:

Me up on the balcony, at Toby Kieth's I love this bar and grille, during a break of book signing.

My husband welcoming our guests, and greeting all at the restaurant ... to invite them upstairs for the event.
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