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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who would play in your movie?

I've been tagged to cast my own movie. My poor memory seems to recall it was by speedy. He cast his own, which got me thinking...A movie about my life, although interesting, may not hold up with just anyone. So who would play me and my loved ones?

Well my hubbie seems to think we're very 'King of Queens' in demeanor and in casting. The slightly portly funny guy with the cute wife...so I think my pick for he and I would have to be Kevin James and Leah Remeni.
Like them, we're a couple, who like to banter and banter...in love. We like to have fun, but get frustrated easily. BUT not enough for it to become a fight...only enough to end up shaking our heads and then laugh it off later.

My lovely sister would be played by Ashley Judd. She's the beautiful tough girl, who doesn't let most people know she has a soft side. If you're lucky enough, you'll see it. She makes everyone laugh and everyone loves her. I think Ashley would be a great pick for her.

My son would be played by himself, b/c I don't think there would be anyone cuter or more funny than he. I won't post a picture of him here, as I never do. SO you'll have to take my word on it. He's quite a ham, and wouldn't have a problem pulling it off.

My father, whose been told he looks like Steve McQueen his whole life, could only be portrayed by the legend himself. If he were alive, Steve McQueen would be a great cast for my father. Since he's not...Ed Harris would be a great second.

My mother, graceful elegant and quirky, could only be cast as Audrey Hepburn. My mom, dark skin, hair, and eyes would be portrayed easily by her if Audrey were still with us. Since she's not, I'd normally try to find a good second choice. But there's not one actress that would come to mind that would be as beautiful as my mom, in their 50-60 range. We'd have to find an Audrey look alike.

As far as anyone else....my brain is tired. Those are my top picks. I took this meme on b/c my husband have been talking about my book and turning it into a screen play. We've been discussing who would play the certain parts. And as they say write what you know, there is a little of everyone I love in "Finding Kylie". So it's been a subject on my mind anyway.

Who would play you?

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