Encouraging Words

To me, it's amazing when my 5-year-old comes home talking about the history behind MLK day.

When I was in Kindergarten, we learned our colors, numbers, and maybe a few words.

My son comes home teaching me about rhombuses, arctic animals and their habitats, and about politics.

Today, he came home and gave me a history lesson. He said Martin Luther King was a very good man, who delivered a speech that he was killed for. I'm sure the teachers tried to give these kids the whole picture of "I have a dream", but this is the part that stuck with my little boy - 'he gave a speech that he died for...'

I tried to impart some wisdom at that moment. Wisdom that MLK tried to impart on that day he died.

That we are all created equal...that some people judge others because of their background, race, or religion. That we all should work as a human race to improve our society with peace and respect. That we should NOT judge others based on their color, creed, or religion - but treat others with kindness and strive for equality.

He's just five, and I'm sure it didn't sink in. Parts of it are too big for him to grasp - so that's okay.

I didn't want to burden him with too much, as he takes on too much on his own. He's such a mature and wise little boy. BUT I felt at that moment I needed to give him encouraging words.

After our talk, the rest of our convo looked like this:

"You know - they caught the guy who killed him, mommy?"

"yes, honey. The man who shot MLK was caught and put in jail."

"That must have been some speech...."

"Yes, it was."

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