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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calling for a Vote

So it just dawned on me over the weekend that I need to buy a dress for my brother in law's upcoming wedding. It's going to be on the beach, in Maui, and I have NOTHING to wear. Isn't every husband or boyfriend in America rolling their eyes right now?? :)

Seriously, I haven't worn a dress in 3 years. Since my son was born and started running everywhere he went, it's just easier to wear jeans or capri's. I've not even donned a pair of shorts, except for in the pool.

After my son was born, I lost a looot of weight due to breastfeeding and how that effects a woman's metabolism. I didn't pack it on after I popped him off his feeding either. I went from a size 4 to a 6-8. Not bad, BUT being an 8 didn't allow me to fit into any of my shorts or previous skirts/dresses. This is another reason I just stopped wearing them. I didn't want to invest in buying a whole new wardrobe because of 2 dress sizes.

Now that I'm back down to a 4-6, I want to wear something feminine and nice. Only all the stuff I had before still doesn't fit because of how a woman's body SHIFTS after being pregnant. My mommy muffin top, my slightly thicker thighs, the junk in trunk...all things I never had before. And somehow a roll of puffy skin has developed over my knee caps...not good for dresses.

Well...I've joined the gym to firm up so hopefully my legs will tone up enough by mid July. Now it's time to pick a dress!! I've found two online that I adore...both my style depending on my mood. However one is uber expensive so I'm leaning against the blue for that reason.

What do you all think? How should I look for this amazing wedding I'm going to? And if you find another dress online...forward the link to me!

VOTE---black and white or blue and cools.
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