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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rick didn't have the Human Touch

This was taken in 2000 at Rick's Karma Tour. Last night's concert was okay. Besides the fact that I didn't get to see it all due to unforeseen circumstances, what I did see was a little off and not typical Rick.

He yelled a lot in to the microphone, causing us all to hold our ears and taunted at those who finally pulled out ear plugs. When he did sing, he barely did it in the micro-phone...it was as if he was singing in his room singing to himself and remembering....oh yeah...a mike....I should use it!

He did a lot of bantering to the crowd trying to keep it real, but it didn't really hit home for most of us. Some of it was cute, like when he pulled kids up to sing some lyrics, but the rest of it was giving most of the adults a case of the rolled eye syndrome.

I know after 30 years of singing his greatest hits from the 80's he must get really bored of the same old song, so I gotta give Rick credit but still say....
When fans come to hear him sing, WE WANT to hear OUR FAVORITE 80's songs---not a funked up off beat version of them. They were almost singable, but he kept throwing us all off with his new version of our familiar favorites. It just wasn't fun.

Poor Rick, I think he just had an off night. I hope that doesn't become a trend! For anyone that's interested .... here's a link for a Rick Springfield cruise in November.
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