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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who knew?

Lately my son has been experiencing a little separation anxiety from me. I think my husband's stint in the ER left him feeling a little unsettled. If it's a bad day when I'm dropping him off before heading for work, I have to leave him crying...which I hate. If he's having a decent day than I can get by with leaving him-only if I leave him with my business card!

My new photog business card has this picture shown here, on the front of it.

A couple of weeks ago, during VBS he kept a copy for him in his pocket to look while he was without me, and took extras to give away. He gave one to every mommy, teacher, and person otherwise and to let them know that 'his' mommy is a 'fratography', which obviously is supposed to be photographer. Sweet kid! He's the best marketing tool I've got!

Today when daddy and he went to the movies together for over due male bonding time, he wanted me to join them. My husband is so wonderful on so many levels...not only because he takes his son to fun destinations, but because he recognizes when his wife needs a break. My husband convinced him that it was just supposed to be the two of them, and so of course my son got in the car and immediately started looking for his very worn loved business card. He's kept the same one for 2 weeks and it looks like its molded to the curve of his hand.

Who knew a business card would be the tie that keeps me close to his heart when I'm away?
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