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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tough Choices

So my son cried yesterday and today when I dropped him to VBS. I usually volunteer on Sunday's and Wednesday's for all the kid functions/activities, and stay with him. He doesn't understand why mommy can't be with him this week. All the other mommies stay and teach, why can't I? I know that he's still only 5 and will cry from time to time, but I'm not used to it as he's usually pretty laid back.

Between that and having to spank him yesterday (in the doctor's waiting room--in front of 6 people), I feel like a bad mom. I tried saying no to him for his bad behavior, then I tried a time-out in the doctor's chair, and when it didn't work...I took him to the bathroom and lightly smacked his little bottom. To which he replied, OW don't hit me, loudly enough for all to hear in the waiting room. He did that on purpose for the benefit of the older ladies waiting in the office...yeah, that was fun. That's the first time I've had to deal with that.

I know it's not politically correct to spank, but I also think most people feel that spanking means beating. Let me clarify, I don't beat my child ever!

I spank him when no other forms of discipline work. And when I do it's never in anger to hurt. It's only enough to sting slightly, to get his attention. I don't usually have to resort to it, as time-out's do the trick, but when I have to... a quick tap on the bottom works and the behavior stops.

Still though, having to deal with that in front of others was not the ideal situation. All these thoughts go through your head.

They're judging what kind of mother I am.
They're thinking--If I were here I'd....(fill in the blank)
I can't believe she spanked him.

In reality...who knows if they were thinking anything at all, but when faced with that in public anyone normal will think those things. The thing is when it happens in a grocery store, I know to just pick him up and walk out to go home. The punishment is that his favorite treat is staying in the cart, that I've left in the aisle. That's a horrible idea to a young child. Heaven forbid you leave the Rice Krispy Treats behind! So I involve him in shopping, and we don't have behavior issues.

For the most part, he's so good that we never have behavior issues. My kid is a dream in that department, but lately he's been getting more aggressive and hyperactive. I keep wondering where it's coming from, but I've been told it's just a little boy thing and not to worry.

So let me ask you...if you were faced with that at the doctors office, where you can't just pick him up and leave...we needed to stay to be seen for a reason...what would you do?
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